Rosebank College visits CCIA to learn how we are helping to fight cancer

In celebration of National Science Week, we recently welcomed the year 11 Rosebank Biology class to the ACRF Drug Discovery Lab at the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA).

This educational tour allowed the students to get up-close with the cutting-edge technologies used inside a real laboratory, while meeting some of Australia’s best cancer scientists who are making amazing progress in the fight against children’s cancers.

The day started off with a very insightful presentation by Dr Eddy Pasquier who discussed his expertise and passion for cancer research, especially in the field of Neuroblastoma.

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2011 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

Bright and early on May 15th, 34 fantastic cancer research supporters took to the streets of Sydney as part of the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon.

The Foundation’s supporters chose to raise funds for cancer research for a variety of reasons. With the prevalence of cancer in Australia it’s no surprise that our supporter’s lives have been impacted in some way through cancer. Sadly many have lost loved ones to cancer, and others have loved ones currently fighting cancer and wanted to do something to show their support. Their fundraising was seen as a chance to support a “worthy cause”, do something positive in a difficult time, honour the memory of loved ones and mentors, and in the hope that research will be able to stop “this killer disease”. Continue reading “2011 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon”

Help fund the research of today that will help the cancer patients of tomorrow

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) wants to fund even more groundbreaking cancer research and is aiming to raise $750,000 in its 2010 Christmas Appeal, says the Foundation’s Chief Executive David Brettell.

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VALE Fred Pham

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) is saddened to hear of the passing, on 30 October 2010, of Mr Fred Pham. Just three months ago, Mr Pham, whilst battling terminal cancer, was the largest individual fundraiser for a charity in the annual Sun-Herald City to Surf Fun Run (in Sydney). ACRF was privileged to be the beneficiary of Fred’s amazing effort.

Fred,  just 47, leaves his wife and five children. We grieve with them and hope that his strength gives them strength.

All at ACRF are thinking of the Pham family. He was a true inspiration.

David Brettell

Fred Pham on 'Insight' 7:30pm tonight

Major Australian Cancer Research Foundation fundraiser and champion Fred Pham will take to the television air waves tonight to talk about his unique experience battling cancer.

Pham will appear on the popular SBSInsight’ program, hosted by Jenny Brockie, in a show that focuses on terminal illness.  Jenny will ask patients who might have just weeks or months to live the big question. ‘Should they fight on or accept the inevitable? Should their doctors hold out hope, however slim, or deliver the hard medical reality?’

These decisions are much tougher as medicine and medical technology becomes increasingly sophisticated.  Patients, families and doctors wrestle with these ethical and moral dilemmas at the end of life..

Fred Pham, 47, has been told that he has incurable cancer but is still fighting. He is currently on “fourth-line chemo”, which doctors tell him has a slim chance of working. Continue reading “Fred Pham on 'Insight' 7:30pm tonight”

Fred Pham 500 off to a great start

Wow, you have to admire the stamina of Fred Pham supporter Kimberley Ung who was one of the first of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s supporters across the finish line in the recent Blackmores Sydney Running Festival nine-kilometer Marathon presented by the Sunday Telegraph.

“Yes, my legs were sore the next day” said the bubbly 19 year old recently after the race on September 19.

Kimberley said she took 55 minutes to complete the nine-kilometer course.

“A group of about 15 of us Fred Pham 500 supporters took part. Actually Fred was even there and did the course pushed around in his wheelchair. He was accompanied by his three beautiful daughters.”

Kimberley was one of the four former students of teacher Fred Pham, who have instigated the recent campaign to raise $100,000 for their “inspirational friend.” Continue reading “Fred Pham 500 off to a great start”

The race that never ends

When we first met Fred Pham, we knew he was a winner.

Having already raised more than $30,000 for cancer research as part of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) “Dream Team” and taking out first place in the City2Surf individual fundraising competition, Fred is as determined as ever to fulfill the dream of a world free of cancer for future generations.

His supporters are now getting ready for the next big adventure in their massive fundraising campaign – the amazing FRED PHAM 500.

Read more about the Fred Pham 500 (Media Release).

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City2Surf: the $80,000 dream

A very B-I-G congratulations and thank you to everyone who supported the cancer research City2Surf dream team!

The ACRF dream team – led by staffers Claire, Mahsa and Natasha – is jubilant following a massive effort at last Sunday’s City2Surf which will see an extra $80,000 go directly to cancer research.

The early morning start and chilly weather couldn’t keep them and close to 800 other Australian Cancer Research Foundation entrants from lining up for this annual race from the Sydney business district to Bondi beach.

One of the most inspiring participants in the 80,000 strong field was Fred Pham.

Mr Pham, schoolteacher and father of five young children, has only a short time to live. This did not stop him walking the 14 kilometre course with two of his sons and becoming the event’s most successful individual fundraiser. Continue reading “City2Surf: the $80,000 dream”

Cancer Research: Fred Pham a City2Surf winner


Fred Pham’s Walk Of Life raises $40,000+ for cancer research

Fred Pham is an ACRF supporter. He has terminal cancer. And he is a winner!

The Foundation is more than pleased to announce that Mr Pham has taken first place as thetop individual fundraiser for the 2010 City2Surf.

As a participant in Australia’s biggest fun run, Mr Pham raised an amazing $30,000 for cancer research, and was then rewarded with an additional $10,000 donation by race organisers, the SunHerald. Continue reading “Cancer Research: Fred Pham a City2Surf winner”