Cancer Institute NSW (CI NSW)

The association initiated in 2015 between ACRF and Cancer Institute NSW, is designed to further enhance cancer research capacity in NSW and to increase the coordination by cancer research funders.

ACRF and CI NSW have similar priorities in relation to optimising the utilisation of cancer research equipment so that new treatments and preventions for cancer can be identified, developed and implemented.

CI NSW recognises the reputation, integrity, systems and unique contribution of ACRF and has agreed to provide limited support of successful NSW grant applicants for specialist personnel to operate the equipment and technology provided by ACRF, ensuring the maximum impact and efficient use.

Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF)

The association, initially 3 years, beginning in 2018, between ACRF and OCRF focuses on the provision of specialist personnel for the operation of equipment provided by ACRF grants nationally which involve research into the detection, prevention or treatment of ovarian cancer.

ACRF will administer the grant on behalf of OCRF, including ensuring the preparation of annual progress reports.