Rosebank College visits CCIA to learn how we are helping to fight cancer

In celebration of National Science Week, we recently welcomed the year 11 Rosebank Biology class to the ACRF Drug Discovery Lab at the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA).

This educational tour allowed the students to get up-close with the cutting-edge technologies used inside a real laboratory, while meeting some of Australia’s best cancer scientists who are making amazing progress in the fight against children’s cancers.

The day started off with a very insightful presentation by Dr Eddy Pasquier who discussed his expertise and passion for cancer research, especially in the field of Neuroblastoma.

The students found his speech extremely inspiring and were very interested in finding out more information about Dr Pasquier and his research at CCIA.

One of the students, Despina Boyiazis, said “Dr Eddy’s explanation of the laboratories/equipment was really effective. It was amazing to be taught about everything and then [be given] the opportunity to actually see it in person.”

In groups of ten – led by Dr Pasquier and Dr Tim Failes – the students were then taken through the world-class ACRF Drug Discovery Centre (DDC). Their tour included demonstrations of how the DDC’s tumour bank works, as well as the two high tech drug discovery robots – which are the only two of their kind in Australia dedicated to childhood cancer research. The group also entered several labs where they were able to see real live research being done and view different cancer cells under powerful microscopes.

The students found that being in a lab and seeing first-hand how researchers are helping to find potential cures for cancer was a very exciting experience – one that made many of them consider a career in cancer research.

“Coming out of the tour, I realised that a cure for cancer might not be that far away. I also learnt how different cancer cells looked and behave,” said Rosebank student, Nicholas Dimakis.

Jason Smith, Rosebank’s Year 11 Biology teacher said “It was such a privilege to see and be part of the tour. The students wanted to know more about how you end up in a career like that. They found it very inspirational.”

We’d like to thank CCIA for allowing us and the student’s at Rosebank College to access the ACRF Drug Discovery Centre.

We’d also like to thank the teachers and students of Rosebank College for coming along and celebrating National Science Week with us!

Student, David Barnett, summed up the tour by stating he “Absolutely loved it – one of the best things I have been to with school.”

If you are interested in getting your school involved in a tour or would like to join our Schools Against Cancer campaign, please contact us at fundraising@acrf.com.au or call 1300 884 988.

See below for some amazing photographs from the day: [nggallery id=122]