Celebrate with donations in lieu of gifts

Are you celebrating a birthday, wedding or christening? Why not hold a party and raise money to back brilliant cancer research.

Whatever your occasion is, in lieu of giving gifts, you can request your guests to make a donation to ACRF. 

Donating in celebration of a wedding, birthday, anniversary or a festive occasion is a wonderful way to add meaning to a special day and help speed up cancer discoveries.

At ACRF, our mission is to back brilliant research by giving scientists the technology and equipment they need to find new and improved ways to prevent, detect and treat ALL types of cancer.

We can provide you with a selection of cards and ACRF ribbons, depending on your event.


Wedding gifts that give back

With many modern couples accumulating their household goods before they tie the knot,  asking for charity donations in lieu of wedding gifts is becoming an increasingly popular option for both guests and the happy couple.

Whether you wish to replace traditional gifts with a wedding donation, replace a favour or bonbonniere in the same way or set up a wishing well, wedding gifts that give back help add meaning to your wedding. All funds received by ACRF will back brilliant research to prevent, detect and treat ALL cancers.

For a minimum donation of $2 per wedding guest, you will receive an ACRF ribbon and favour card for each guest (pictured below). We recommend ordering at least 10 days prior to your wedding.

  • Wedding gift donation

    Make a donation to the happy couple in celebration of their wedding.

  • Materials for your wedding

    We offer materials such as ribbons and balloons for your special day. Contact us to talk about other options.

    Order materials

Encourage your friends and family to donate to cancer research on your special day by creating an online fundraising page. For more information please see our fundraising terms and conditions on our website or contact us on 1300 884 988 or celebration@acrf.com.au.


Plan your birthday celebrations

Celebrating a birthday through charity donations to cancer research instead of gifts is a perfect way to add meaning to you or your loved one’s special day! It’s up to you how you wish to donate – the sky is the limit!

After all, wouldn’t the meaningful gift of a world without cancer be the greatest present of all?

  • Create a birthday fundraiser

    Encourage your friends and family to donate to cancer research on your birthday by creating your own online birthday fundraising page!

  • Donate in celebration

    When making the donation, specify who the gift is in celebration of and we will send a card informing them of your kind generosity.

  • Resources for your fundraising

    Once your birthday is registered with us, we can send balloons and ACRF ribbons for your guests. Contact us to talk about other options.

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Christmas donations for cancer research

This Christmas, why not do something different and give a lasting gift to your loved ones? Rather than giving another Christmas present, give a loved one the gift of hope for a world without cancer.

By making a meaningful donation this Christmas, you’ll be giving scientists access to cutting-edge technology that drives innovation — ultimately saving millions of lives.

You can add special meaning to your Christmas this year with these great giving options – every one of them backing brilliant research to help us one day reach a world without cancer.

  • Make a donation this Christmas

    You can make a gesture of hope this year with a Christmas donation. Help arm the brightest minds in cancer research with the tools they need to improve the prevention, detection and treatment of all cancers.

  • Donate to Cancer Research

    Donate to cancer research this Christmas.


Celebrate a special occasion and back brilliant cancer research

With so many reasons to celebrate throughout the year, why not choose to raise funds for cancer research on an anniversary? Or perhaps a special calendar event such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Easter?

If you’re hosting a party in celebration of these occasions or any other event of special significance, you can choose to make a difference for future generations by choosing to celebrate with a donation to ACRF in lieu of gifts.

  • Make a donation to cancer research

    Make a gift that keeps on giving by backing brilliant cancer research.

  • Make a donation in lieu of gifts

    Substitute the gifts you normally give with one of our ‘cancer research’ gift options. We have items to suit every budget, ranging from $10 to $100 and even higher.

  • Materials for your fundraising

    Once your event is registered with us, we can send balloons and ACRF ribbons for your guests.  If you would like more information on different ways to fundraise, visit our A-Z fundraising page for any last-minute gift ideas or feel free to contact us to talk about other options.

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Encourage your friends and family to donate to cancer research for your special occasion. Use the links above to learn more or set up your own fundraising page.


Make a one-off donation in celebration of a wedding, birthday, Christmas, event or even a special person in your life