Be part of Australia’s best, most progressive cancer research.

Make your mark on the health issue of our time.

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ACRF Momentum, multiplying impact through aligned and values-based partnerships

Partner with Australian Cancer Research Foundation to

Back brilliant cancer research and fast-track breakthroughs across all cancer types.

Provide CSR, ESG, marketing and stakeholder engagement benefits.

Deliver significant social impact to individuals, communities, and Australia’s health system.

We approach each partnership opportunity with curiosity and a solutions-focused mindset

We seek to understand your business, your challenges and your strengths and work collaboratively with you to build a bespoke partnership that delivers the outcomes you are seeking.

Whether you’re seeking brand alignment, positive reputation and PR outcomes, more engaged employees, or a reason for your customers to engage with your business, we can work with you to design a partnership that best fits your needs.

Your support will provide ACRF with the momentum to leverage brilliant cancer research for exponential impact – speeding up the delivery of new cancer prevention, detection, and treatments.

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The benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Embracing CSR increases customer retention and loyalty, increases employee engagement, improves brand image, attracts investment opportunities and top talent, and often makes a difference for bottom-line financials.

88% of Australians believe that it is important for brands and businesses to be actively engaging in doing good according to a recent survey of Australian consumers . (1)

9-in-10 Australians say that a brand doing good would encourage them to purchase that brand and 70% said that they’d pay more for that brand. (2)

When brands take action on societal issues, we see at least a 4x multiplier of likelihood of purchase. (3)

We seek partners who want to help enable the most significant progress in cancer research

+  Our proven way to support cancer research is unique and powerful. It is transformative for individuals, families, communities and Australia’s health system.

+ Our model creates exponential impact from a very small operating cost base.

+ We have extraordinary potential to reduce direct and indirect health costs, loss of productivity, and human suffering caused by cancer. This impact is limited only by lack of funding.

+ Mostly because our partners will help save and change lives and change the future of cancer.

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Ways to partner with us

Sponsorship & Brand Alignment

ACRF offers a number of marketing driven opportunities across our organisation, campaigns or projects for brands to partner for values alignment, positive reputation and PR outcomes, and new audience reach.

Corporate Philanthropy & Donations

As a DGR1 charity ACRF welcomes tied philanthropic investments and untied donations for projects that offer the opportunity to be part of Australia’s best, most progressive cancer research.

Cause related marketing

Cause related marketing provides the opportunity for brands and businesses to support ACRF through a percentage of sales, agreed donation amount per sale of a product, donations at point of sale or licensing fees to utilise the ACRF logo for a limited time.

Value in Kind

ACRF welcomes the donation of goods in kind to help us with our fundraising, as prizes or incentives for our fundraising supporters.

Matched Giving

Match donations for a particular campaign or time period, providing that extra motivation for donors to take immediate action.

Workplace Engagement

Purpose-driven partnerships have the potential to increase employee motivation, performance, loyalty, and collaboration. We have many opportunities to engage your team including Workplace Fundraising, Run for Research, Online Challenges and Workplace Giving.

ACRF is seeking partnerships with leaders and change-makers in Australia. Learn how you can make your mark on the health issue of our time.

Supercharging Cancer Research

Backing brilliant research for 40 years

Since 1984 ACRF have provided $174 million in grant funding to 82 ground breaking research projects, to 43 research institutes across Australia.

Accelerating Cancer Research

ACRF grants enhance, enable and accelerate cancer research across Australia.

Leveraging Brilliance

Equipment and Technology funded by ACRF boosts national research infrastructure.

Cancer research chosen by cancer researchers

ACRF’s work starts with excellence. The rigor in our funding process means the chosen research has a very high likelihood of success.

Join other leading organisations who share our goal of advancing to a world without cancer

Meet the team

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Head of Corporate Partnerships & Community Fundraising

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Sarah Hawkesford

Senior Partnerships Coordinator

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Isabella Hill

Partnerships and Community Fundraising Coordinator

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(1,2) What good is doing good? A Leo Burnett humankind intelligence study
(3) 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: The new Cascade of Influence