James and Kirsty have their eyes on the finish line

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For us, this year is about not letting anything come between us and our dreams – this was the advice my Dad, Mick always gave me.”

This September, James Robson and fiancé Kirsty Donovan will be heading to Europe to run in the Berlin Marathon.

James has been a dedicated ACRF supporter for many years. “While my Dad was receiving chemotherapy treatment back in the UK, I felt like there wasn’t a lot I could do from 12,000 miles away, so I decided to raise as much money as possible to help eradicate this disease.”

“For years I ran in his honour. I ran Iron Man challenges, half marathons and more; running to prevent the sadness, raising money to give every step more meaning in the hopes that Dad might survive his cancer.”

“After three long years of fighting brain tumours, Dad lost his battle with the disease and passed away. I was on a plane home to him as soon as I received the phone call and was able to make it in time to say goodbye. It will be almost a year but it still feels like yesterday.”

“Now I am running in his memory. The ACRF is very close to our hearts and running to raise funds is a way for us to take on a personal challenge at the same time as hitting back at cancer.”

With the help of generous family and friends the couple have raised an astounding $25,000.

James and Kirsty continually strive to move onwards and upwards. With each event they participate in, they continue to challenge both their physical and mental endurance.

“People all over the world are fighting for their lives and they have no rest, so we’ve decided to carry on going to really make a difference and help more people.”

Already this year, they took on the Sydney Half Marathon. “Together we hope to keep going for the full 42km until we reach the Brandenburg Gate.”

We wish James and Kirsty the best of luck, and thank them for their ongoing support.

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Half Marathon takes over Sydney

cancer fun run cancer fundraisingFor the 21st year, the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon flooded the streets of Sydney with over 16,000 runners taking part. Among these were a wonderful group of supporters fundraising for cancer research.

When asked why they chose to support cancer research in this way, many competitors were running in honour of their family members and friends who had been affected by cancer in their lives and in some cases lost to cancer. For others it was a focus on the importance of research in the hope that “the more money that is raised the closer we will get to finding a cure”.

As the challenge of the half marathon loomed some competitors were feeling confident to better their times from previous years, others were nervous of the task ahead in taking on their first half marathon, and sadly others were unable to compete due to injuries.

All in all the day was a great success for our wonderful supporters with many beating their target times, and some more than exceeding their fundraising targets as well. Continue reading “Half Marathon takes over Sydney”

2011 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

Bright and early on May 15th, 34 fantastic cancer research supporters took to the streets of Sydney as part of the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon.

The Foundation’s supporters chose to raise funds for cancer research for a variety of reasons. With the prevalence of cancer in Australia it’s no surprise that our supporter’s lives have been impacted in some way through cancer. Sadly many have lost loved ones to cancer, and others have loved ones currently fighting cancer and wanted to do something to show their support. Their fundraising was seen as a chance to support a “worthy cause”, do something positive in a difficult time, honour the memory of loved ones and mentors, and in the hope that research will be able to stop “this killer disease”. Continue reading “2011 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon”