City2Surf: the $80,000 dream

A very B-I-G congratulations and thank you to everyone who supported the cancer research City2Surf dream team!

The ACRF dream team – led by staffers Claire, Mahsa and Natasha – is jubilant following a massive effort at last Sunday’s City2Surf which will see an extra $80,000 go directly to cancer research.

The early morning start and chilly weather couldn’t keep them and close to 800 other Australian Cancer Research Foundation entrants from lining up for this annual race from the Sydney business district to Bondi beach.

One of the most inspiring participants in the 80,000 strong field was Fred Pham.

Mr Pham, schoolteacher and father of five young children, has only a short time to live. This did not stop him walking the 14 kilometre course with two of his sons and becoming the event’s most successful individual fundraiser.

“I first had the idea to participate in the City2Surf last year, shortly after being told I have only three months to live, but I had just missed the entry cut-off date,” Mr Pham said.

He’s now raised more than $30,000 for the ACRF. As the winner of a top fundraiser spot Mr Pham has attracted a further $10,000 donation from race organisers, the Sun-Herald.

Other Dream Team inspiration came from Susan Francis, Rick Morar and David Jarvis who also ran on the day and raised more than $2000 each for cancer research.

Susan Francis lost her father to cancer just three months ago and wanted to take part in the City2Surf for ACRF to ensure other dads could be saved from this disease.

“My father was a fighter and I am so proud of his fighting spirit right to the end. The run is something I have never done before and I hope my dad will be proud of me,” she said.

Race veteran David Jarvis gave his all on race day, finishing in a very impressive time of less than 68 minutes. Mr Jarvis is encouraging his supporters to continue to donate to the ACRF, even after the event.

Jazz bands and DJs along the 14 kilometre course kept a record 80,000 entrants – some in fancy dress – entertained and helped everyone stay in top spirits, even on the infamous Heartbreak Hill, a tough and seemingly endless, winding stretch of road at the halfway point.

The Dream Team survived Heartbreak Hill but ACRF staffers stopped at the top to catch their breath and take in the glistening harbour views. There they spotted a City2Surf Legend who reportedly was barely breaking a sweat. There are 39 Legends, runners who’ve participated in every race since it started 40 years ago.

PepsiCo, ACRF supporters, invited the team to relax at their beachside Gatorade marquee after the event.

The hundreds of people who’d sponsored the Dream Team accessed live updates throughout the race via Twitter and were kept informed of fundraising efforts on the ACRF’s Facebook page.

Donations came in before, during and now after the event, they happily continue.

The (almost) $80,000 raised by the 2010 City2Surf is an all-time ACRF record!

So congratulations and thank you to everyone who supported the Cancer Research City2Surf Dream Team.

Check out the video of the team during the race:

[nggallery id=51]

Special thanks goes to top fundraisers: Fred Pham; Team M&C Saatchi, led by Hannah Toohey; Susan Francis; Rick Morar; David Jarvis; Oliver Grimwood; Stewart Baden; The Bushettes Rina Moore, Leigh Nicholl, and Simone Westbury; Kevin Hussey; The Energisers, led by Wei Wu;  John Walkowiak; Jade Bond; Shannon Barnes; Peggy Oberthier; Melanie Townsend.

Big thanks also goes to all our fabulous 2010 City2Surf Dream Team fundraisers:

Adam Antonio David Bell Karen Blatchford Peter Lagoutaris
Adam Brownsea David Fleming Karen Chung Peter Rowe
Adam Corney David Gagg Karen He Peter Stanicic
Adele McNickle David Gething Karen Hewitt Peter Stelmach
Adrian Torres David Lenaghan Karina Ko Pheara Yin
Aimee Green David Parsons Karl Gellert Phil Walton
Aisha Hillary David Read Karlene Adlington Philip Cheng
Aislinn McIntyre David Thanisch Karlie Connellan Pia Salwin
Al Hing Dean Cameron Kate & Paige Piers Beagley
Alain Austria Dean Plant Kate Horne Polly Tapper
Alan Dangerfield Debbie Williams Kate Lennard Pubudu Nanayakkara
Alan Prendergast Deborah Marbus Katherine Elias Qiang Chen
Alex Choy Deirdre Cott Kathryn Farrington Quentin Osborn
Alex Forsythe Dene Marfleet Kathryn Stephen Rachael Niao
Alex McAndrew Denise Murphy Kati Lehtonen Rachel Mosen
Alex Pui Denyse Skipper Katie Carew Rachel Scourfield
Alexander Boufeas Derek Shuttleworth Katie Smee Raelyn Benitez
Alexander McRae Deshan Kumar Katren Rogers Raffaella Calo
Alexandre Queiroz Dhiwakaran Sathananthan Katrina McHattan Rakesh Morar
Alexey Monastyrny Dinesh Thamotharam Katty Luong Rebecca Chan
Alfie Gil Don Nguyen Kavitha Nadarajah Rebecca Ferraro
Alfredo Ledesma Dougal Nairn Kaye Scott Rebecca Mowbray
Alison Kirkby Dowon Cho Kelly Prescott Rebecca Ricketts
Alison Punyalack Dragan Petkovic Kelly Robinson-Hicks Rebecca Simmonds
Alistair Donald Dylan Cluff Kelwyn O’Brien Rebekah Jubb
Alistair McKillop Eamonn Fennell Ken Flarrety Richard Dean
Allison Spicer Edel Fennell Ken Wilson Richard Frawley
Alon Bernstein Edel Frawley Kevin Du Richard Manly
Amanda Dixon Edward Gallagher Kiara Drinan Richard Roszkowski
Amanda Hooker Elaine Hayne Kim Longue Rina Lee
Amanda Moroney Elena Kamiya Kim Romanik Rob Satchell
Amanda Smith Elenie Panos Kimberley Achurch Robert Cowburn
Amanda Viner Elizabeth Hammell Kire Josevski Rochelle Martin
Amber MacKinnon Elizabeth Riley Kirsty Smith Rodel Dahiroc
Amy Annan Elizabeth Utterson Klaas Jellema Rosa Gonzalez
Amy Barnes Ellen House Kok Foon Kelvin Chan Rosa Law
Amy Dawson Ellie Hall Krairiksh Nitibhumivechsakul Rosalind Weller
Amy Mckenzie Elly Panta Kristy Acland Rosary Coloma
Ana Zivanovic Elodie Barbera Kylie Jones Rowan Cooke
Andrea Carretta Elyse Green Lance Burnett Rowena Silvestro
Andrea Lobodasova Emilie Bouchard Lara Smith Roy Chan
Andrea Rossi Emily Manos Larissa Donaldson Rudolf Opperman
Andreas Skopal Emily Murfin Lars-Erik Molnes Russell Boyd
Andrew Cohen Emily Noake Laura Kennedy Ruth McCuaig
Andrew Dorey Emma Ritchie Lauralee DeBrincat Ryan Kevelighan
Andrew Harvey Emmanuel de Bearn Lauren Dredge Ryan McMahon
Andrew Henderson Eric Cirulis Lauren Jacobs Sally Gainsbury
Andrew Huang Erik Fojtik Lauren Miller Sally Summerfield
Andrew Innes Erin Rowlands Lauren Sim Sallyanne Nguyen-Pham
Andrew Leslie Eterio Herrera Leigh Symmons Sam Lombardi
Andrew Riggs Eugene McGarrell Lenita Mandilis Samantha Edwards
Andrew Taylor Evan Wong Leo Ruschena Samantha Jones
Andrew Turnbull Eyal Mekler Leona Boon Samantha Mcleod
Andrew Wakeling Felicity Allen Leonard Koh Samuel Green
Andria Tropiano Fergal Hoey Lewis Mills Sandi Kopp
Angela Martin Finau Vucago Lia Crichton Sara Curran
Angela Newman Fiona Esplin Liddy-Anne Fletcher Sarah Binks
Angie Baran Fiona Green Linda Bermeister Sarah Boyall
Angus Davidson Fiona McDonald Lindsay Chappel Sarah Forman
Angus Keene Fleur Macfarlane Lindsey Collison Sarah McCandless
Angus Leech Florence Hecquet Linley Manning Sarah McGill
Anja Edmeades Frances Cordell Lisa Jane Masters Sarah Nolan
Anna Jones Francesca de Leon Lisa Scott Sarah Sengers
Anna Swift Francis Nguyen Khoi Pham Lisa Truong Sarah Waladan
Anna Wilson Frederick Donlato Loretta Ryan Sarah Webb
Anne Robertson Gabby Phillips Louise Ryan Scott Dwyer
Ann-Maree Crouch Gabrielle Frisby Lucia MacKeigan Scott Harris
Anoop Joshi Gabrielle Shaw Lucinda Mander-Jones Scott Kingston
Ansuya Singaram Garry Constanti Lucy Dunwell Scott Ward
Ant Harca Garry Glasson Luke Adams Sean Davies
Anthony Arrow Garry Irwin Luke Ashton Sean Jordan
Anthony Cale Gavin Mooney Luke MacGregor Sebastien Vallerie
Anthony Davies Gavin Sharpe Luke Parsons Shane Leary
Anthony Homonnay Gemma Pasco Luke Povee Shane Miller
Anthony Martin Geoff Tonna Luke Whenman Shane Thompson
Anthony Mcpherson Geoffrey Kirk Lydia Jarvis Shani Abergil
Anthony Pattison George Gonzalez Madelon Williams Shannon Barnes
Anthony Smyth George Marinos Maegan Oostendorp Shannon Brown
Ayesha Kannangara George Zhang Mahsa Lotfizadeh Sharon Ireland
Baljit Singh Talwar Georges-Etienne Bureau Maja Dimitrova Shaun Fraser
Barb Beard Georgia Dixon Manjula Krishnan Shaun Shum
Barbara Archer Georgia Rayner Margaret Dobrucki Shaw David
Barnaby Packman Gerard Diener Mark Bayliss Sheila Zhou
Beatrice Blume Gill Ryder Mark Delhaas Sheridan White
Belinda Arthur Glen Crosland Mark Dilli Sherman Sun
Belinda Jardim Glenn Frost Mark Ferris Sherrie Chaisumdet
Ben Hewlett Gloria Connor Mark Freeman Sheryl Cole
Ben Nash Grace Johnston Mark Hennessy Shobie Jay
Ben Robbins Graeme Phillips Mark May Simon Felice
Ben Taylor Grant Azzopardi Mark Sacks Simon Leith
Ben Welsh Greg Beaumont Mark Schwarzel Simon Major
Ben Yabsley Greg Omeara Mark Toyer Simon Mann
Benjamin Jones Gregory Martin Mark Vadgama Simon McMasters
Benjamin Reynolds Grit Heidler Mark Walton Simon Wade
Bent Patterson Gwynn Le Maitre Martin Buchan Ford Simon Zaiko
Betty Anstey Hally Starr Mary Greenhalgh Simone Brandse
Beverley Kessey Hamish Black Mary Zlomislic Simone Williams
Bhavana Goyal Hamish Magoffin Mary-anne Nguyen-Pham Snigdha Gaur
Bianca Nelson Hamish Perks Matt Brodie Solomon Aluague
Bianca Van Pamelen Hanchi Nguyen Matt Porter Sonya van Beek
Bill Amanatidis Hannah Lowes Matt Rushton Sophie Bray
Bobby Lo Harry Phillips Matt Saddington Sophie Chruch
Brendan Crothers Harvey Stockbridge Matt Stevens Spencer Hird
Brendan Mcandrew Hayley Mathews Matt Stock Spiro Rokos
Brendan Quinn Hazem Ismail Matthew Bell Steffi Audrelia
Brendon Burrows Heath Barnes Matthew Davis Stephanie Jones
Brett Bimson Heath Gledhill Matthew Edge Stephanie Sandmann
Brett Lockeridge Heather Reed Matthew Turner Stephen Baker
Brett Mcdowall Heidi Van Der Laan Mattias Aslund Stephen Connolly
Bretton Coghlan Helen Yuan Mayura Wagle Stephen Mcnamara
Brian Courtney Helen Zimmerman Megan Sturrock Stephen Norton
Brian Downey Helene Armao Megan Wooding Steve Farkas
Brian Heydon Hermann Lang Meghan Carberry Steve Marin
Bridget Teekamp Hilary Giason Melanie Lansdown Steve Strains
Bronwyn Priest Hilary Szabo Melinda Cairns Steven Boggiano
Bruce Kennaway Holly Hou Melissa Corkery Steven Bregovic
Bruno Martino Hugo Devlin Melissa Ford Steven Spinks
Bryana Neale Ian Croger Michael Badham Stewart Camara
Burin Chitmitrecharon Ian Gabriel Michael Baston Stewart Levitt
Caleb Wong Ian McDonald Michael Comport Stewart Smith
Cameron LeMaitre Ian Prescott Michael Coon Stuart Dixon
Cameron Martlew Ines Machuca Michael Cooper Stuart Woodmore
Cameron Pegg Irene Prorellis Michael Crichton Sunita Shah
Carly Hansen Isabella Vianellos Michael File Susan Bourke
Carol Alexander Ita Gunn Michael Hardie Susan Pelling
Carol Larkin Izabely Lima Michael Harris Susie Heath
Carol Riley Jackie Cook Michael Knapp Sylvia Clonan
Carolanne Sinclair Jackie Grimes Michael Lewis Taka Yamamoto
Caroline Brunet Jacqueline Voke Michael Rayment Tamara Searant-Phelps
Caroline Dyson Jacquie Ford Michelle Broom Tammie Moore
Caroline Ndong Jade Courtney Michelle Galluzzo Tania Harb
Carwyn Morgan Jade Holly Tavener Mick O’Driscoll Tanya Hart
Casey Yu Jaimes Adlington Mike Jenkins Tanya Konsul
Cassie-Ann Cluff James Combe Mike Kleviansky Tanyin Middleton
Cathy Loughridge James Haddon Milliee McFarlane Tara Reid
Cecilia Bennett James Harding Minh Son Ngoc Nguyen Tatum Neich
Celia Withers James Kilpatrick Minoru Takashiba Tess Whittakers
Chantelle Heracleous James Lucas Muhammad Hafizuddin Haji Talip Thomas Langman
Cheryl Lanagan James Prior Mukund Guruji Thomas Pearce
Chris Andrews James Vianellos Myer Leibman Thomas Pickford
Chris Gabriel Jamie Stamp Nadia Lombardi Tiffany Collison
Chris Graham Jan Shaddock Nadia Lydon Tim Bartsch
Chris Greenwood Jan Watson Nandakumar Sambrane Tim Brasher
Chris Haigh Jane St John Natalie Callaghan Tim Medway
Chris Kondou Janet Street Natasha Kemp Timothy Baartz
Chris Ricketts Janette Wells Natasha Munasinghe Tina Neale
Chris Stewart Janice Tai Natasha Trajanovska Toby Birch
Chris Winkler Janina Resurreccion Nathan Lee Todd Bajcic
Christiane Brunet Jason Boyle Nathan Williams Tom Dery
Christine Arnold Jason Fraser Nathan Wright Tom Hart-Brown
Christine Prouse Jason Madden Naveen Ahluwalia Tom Payne
Christine Wilson Jason O’Donnell Neal Gerber Tom Scheibling
Christopher Blair Jason Tonna Neil McDonald Tony Crosby
Christopher Chartres Jaspreet Chopra Nerissa Trindade Tony Ingram
Christopher Dorey Jeanette Bowman Ngahuro Mutuota Tony Lai
Christopher Kaikati Jeannette Gibson Niamh Jordan Tony Yalda
Christopher Ling Jeff Chan Nicholas Broughton Tram Lake
Christopher Powell Jenna Cohn Nicholas Dignam Trang Nguyen
Christopher Schembri Jennifer Daroy Nick Zafer Travis Jacklin
Cindy Swee San Wong Jennifer Kent Nicole Lightfoot Trieu Le
Claire & Mitchell. Jennifer Lay Nicole Watson Trish Turnbull
Claire Harding Jenny Che Nik Pantelic Tristan Sharp
Claire Wong Jerome Gaslin Nilesh kumar Tut Turner
Clara Yoon Jessica George Oliver Page Ty Lim
Claudia Simecek Jessica O’Byrne Olivia Chaisumdet Vanessa Greenberg
Clint Bratton Ji Liang Lin Olivia Lorimer Verena Zannantoni
Colin Jowell Jim Alexopoulos Olivia Sullivan Verity Le Maitre
Corey Swan Jimmy Haughey Paige Edmunds Veronica Crowe
Corrinda Williams Jing Chen Pamela Frost Veronica Jerez
Courtenay Perks Joanna Zwart Pantea Pooladvand Veronica Pettifer
Courtney Kingston Joanne Andrews Panyaporn Srinon Vesna Ringue
Courtney Selleck Joanne Duffy Paris Robinson-hicks Vicki Benn
Craig Baird Joanne Norman Pascal Lachance Vicky Wu
Craig Lennard Jodi Hodges Patricia Hoffer Victoria Bond
Cressida Anderson Joe Galea Patricia McLaughlin Vivian Carasso
Daisy Melwani Joe Johnston Patrick Guerrera Warren Scott
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Damien Leonard John Bojarski Paul Cheshire Wayne Arnold
Damon McLean John Hartin Paul Egan Wayne Meyer
Dan Bolton John Remi Paul Gardner Wayne Riley
Dan Dica John Savage Paul Jean Wendy Bradley
Dan Mace John Surveyor Paul Marter Wendy Croger
Dana Levitt Johnny Du Paul Redfern Wendy Hodgkins
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Daniel Atkin Joseph Moran Paul Stevenson Wendy Papanicolaou
Daniel Carlin Josh Bryer Paul Thurtell Wilfred Riddles
Daniel Hardie Joshua Glasson Paula Adamson Will Figueira
Daniel Hood Ju Young Lee Penelope Fabre William Wellborn
Daniel Oostendorp Julie Fleming Penny Pan Yash Gandhi
Daniela Wiedey Julie Martin Pete Mellows Ye Jnani
Danielle Funston Julie Matthews Peter Andrews Yee-Cheen Doung
Danielle Ross-Hickman Julie Thomas Peter Becklar Yolande Snyder
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