Introducing our 2016 City2Surf Ambassador!

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We’re excited to announce our first ever Team ACRF City2Surf Ambassador, Jessica Broome.

Jess is an incredibly positive young woman with a close connection to cancer research. We are honoured to have her join us this year as our Ambassador.

The last time Jess ran with Team ACRF was in 2014. Her Dad had been diagnosed with cancer eight years earlier, and she ran in support of his journey. After crossing the finish line, having raised over $1,600 for cancer research, she celebrated with a toast to her Dad.

This year Jess will be running again.

“I’m passionate about cancer research because I lost my Dad to cancer in April this year.

A month before we lost him, I watched him walk up the hospital hallway and achieve the massive goal he had been working towards with his physio team. It seemed impossible to most of us, but he was always determined to get better.

He was a fighter, not just as a fireman, but in the way he refused to give up.

We were fortunate that he qualified for numerous medical trials which managed to get him through each year. For ten years they kept coming back with something new, like a magic trick that the researchers would pull out of a hat.

Each new trial medication that came around, he would give it a go – no matter what. There were many years where we thought to ourselves: ‘This is it. This is the last Christmas, this is the last father’s day’…but it never was.

Thanks to those trials our family was able to spend more precious time with him, which meant so much to us.

ACRF, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, cancer charity, cancer fundraising, cancer fun run, Cancer Research, cancer research fundraising, Cancer Research Grants, cancer scientists, Challenge, charity challenge, charity foundation, City2Surf, current cancer research, donate to charity, Fighting cancer, Funding research, fun run, Fundraiser, fundraising, Fundraising Stories, give to charity, marathon, Running for Cancer Research, SydneyDad loved to travel, so we were able to get in some extra holidays together. He also had the chance to ensure his family, including his now 94-year-old Mum, would be okay. We even managed to squeeze in a few more parties with him!

Mum and I were playing all his favourite songs on his last day, one of those songs was Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett. We were dancing around his bed like mad women.They say that hearing is the last thing to go, so I just know this would have made him happy.

He suffered many different cancers over the last ten years, but it was brain cancer that took him in the end. I feel that was the worst for him to go through. I’d really like to see a trial medication to treat this, other than steroids and pain killers. I know researchers are going to get there in time.

This is why I have decided to participate in this year’s City2Surf for cancer research. It’s a great way to support a great cause.

I’m not the best runner, but I really enjoy it. I think it will probably be quite a challenge as I haven’t been running for quite a while. My Dad was always telling me to get back into it, so now I’m doing it!

I think he would really love that I’m getting involved. He always liked to make sure he thanked people when they helped him. So this is my thank you on his behalf.

I’ll know I’ll probably cry through the finish line, but afterwards, I plan to throw one hell of a party! That’s how he would do it!” Jessica Broome ACRF City2Surf Ambassador




Basia and Gary’s Story

Basia&GaryFamily“I was pacing the lounge room floor feeding Grayce when I heard a car door slam out the front. Just for a second, I thought he’d come home, that he had been out for dinner with the boys, that the last six months had disappeared.

It felt nice, for one second, like it used to be. I hope there are other fleeting moments like that. Because just for a second, I was in that other life and I remembered how it felt to be happy.

I lost my husband, Gary, to oesophageal cancer 19 days after we were married. Our third child, Grayce, was born four weeks later.

Though our time together was short we managed to fit a lot of life into those years. We also had lots of quiet moments, just enjoying spending time with each other.

He was very hands-on around the house and with the children. There was nothing he loved more than to potter around on the weekends doing the jobs he had listed during the week, fixing things and finding better ways of doing things and then we would have our coffee mid-morning sitting in the backyard.

We would email each other every day at work – just a few words here and there, or an interesting article. I miss all the little things that made our lives so much fun. The touch of his skin, a thousand gestures.

Gary’s battle with cancer started on the 2nd of July and lasted for twelve and a half weeks. As the cancer ate away at Gary, I thought he looked more beautiful. His spirit, grace and dignity shone through more with each passing day.

He was the perfect patient. He never complained and would try and help me help him as much as possible, even trying to lift and move his legs with his hands, and I would tell him off each time.

That’s why we decided to call our daughter Grayce with a ‘y’ – grace for how much of it shone through him during this battle. The four letters of Gary’s name are carried on in the name of his daughter.

That was his next goal, and what he told the doctors at his last oncology appointment. He wanted to meet his daughter.

In the end I couldn’t ask it of him. I knew he could hear everything I was saying. I lay down on the bed next to him and put his right hand on top of my belly. I told him I loved him so. I said, ‘I don’t want to let you go but I have to. It’s time for you to go.’

He opened his eyes and deliberately blinked at me for the first time in hours. Then he took two more breaths and went.

I still cannot bring myself to stretch out across the whole bed. It will mean finally admitting to myself that he won’t be riding his bike home and pushing it through the open door. That he won’t be bending down to hug the kids as they come running to greet him, squealing with delight. I know those things cannot happen but I still see them. I wish them. I live them in my head.

They say memories are golden. Well maybe that’s true, but I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.” – ACRF Supporter, Basia

We can’t bring Basia’s husband back to her but we can stand beside her while she continues to battle cancer through supporting research. To help her in her mission to protect others from having to go through what she went through click below.



Over $117,000 raised for cancer research at City2Surf

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This past weekend over 80 thousand people participated in the iconic 14 kilometre City2Surf. Runners set off from Hyde Park in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and made their way through to the finish line at Bondi Beach.

This year, Team ACRF was made up of 190 incredible runners from all walks of life. Thanks to their hard work and dedication they were able to raise over $117k for cancer research.

Many of the ACRF runners have been personally affected by cancer, including Jonathan Wiener, who had an army of supporters contribute an astounding $20,000 in memory of his cousin Michelle, who lost her battle with brain cancer in February.

“I promised Michelle that I would do everything in my power to find a cure for this devastating disease and running City2Surf for cancer research is my first step in keeping that promise.”

Supporting them along the way were 35 enthusiastic volunteers who cheered on Team ACRF and doled out high-fives from the sidelines.

One of ACRF’s Corporate Champions, Deloitte, generously sponsored a fantastic beach front Marquee where ACRF runners and their families joined the Deloitte team for a congratulatory lunch on the beach.

The ACRF thanks everyone who participated in the City2Surf or who came out to support our runners on the day. We loved meeting you all and celebrating your achievement.

View the team leaderboard – click here.

A dedicated daughter and determined mum runs toward the cures for cancer

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Carol Tannous-Sleiman is setting an incredible example for her three young children. Having just run in the 2015 London Marathon in memory of her father, she is already gearing up for another race and continues to raise funds for cancer research.

“The ACRF is an important charity for me and taking on fundraising challenges is something that I do on behalf of my father, my family and my children.”

In the lead up to London she raised an astonishing $11,000. “I can’t thank everyone enough, I’m very humbled that people have donated and are here to support me. Not only does it mean a lot to me, it really means a lot to the many survivors and families out there who have lost love ones to cancer.”

Her and her team of 29 staff from Greenwood Early Education Centre have been gearing up to run in this year’s City2Surf. Together they’re working with a personal trainer and planning a number of fun fundraisers in the lead up to the race, including an international party for both the kids and the parents to get involved in.

Over the years Carol has participated in many famous Marathons, including Paris, Chicago and New York. London was her twelfth Full Marathon and another to cross of the Bucket List.

“London was definitely in the top five – why not do a nice run, for a good cause, in a beautiful city like London?!”

Before having kids, Carol had never pictured herself as a runner. To keep fit she enjoyed a daily 8km walk. “Strangely enough, it was actually my busy lifestyle that provided me with the impetus to start running. With the demands of work and parenthood, I needed to find a more time efficient form of exercise. So I thought, why don’t I just run instead of walk?” Since then she’s never looked back, and has continued to move from strength to strength.

Her first real test was to run the 14km City2Surf and before long she found herself participating in 21km Half Marathons. She finally took on the full 42.2km at the Melbourne Marathon. “When you finally cross that line, it is the biggest sense of achievement. You get very tearful, it’s amazing I’m so excited to share in that moment with my team.”

Click here to show Carol your support.
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Where one daughter leads, her mother follows – an inspiring distance runner shares her story

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“I truly believe we will beat cancer, possibly in my lifetime.” – Professor Anne Boyd.

Professor Boyd is 69 years young and discovered her passion for distance running only a few short years ago. This has led her to not only become a great advocate for cancer research, raising both funds and awareness, but it has also led her to win the Sydney Striders F65-69 Marathon trophy and become the Southern Highlands Challenge poster girl!

Her love affair with running began back in 2013, when she decided that, in celebration of her 67th Birthday, she would compete in her first 5K run at the Australian Running Festival in Canberra.

Two years later, she has become a dedicated running enthusiast and has completed a number of challenging races including City2Surf, four Half Marathons, the Melbourne Marathon and numerous other competitive10Ks.

“I’ve loved every step, even the more painful ones. I enjoy mid-race conversations with other runners and play up photo opportunities! A camera is always worth a grin and a grin helps deal with any fatigue issues which might be building up. Although there is real pleasure in achieving a personal best, my only important aim in a run is to finish,” says Anne.

Anne sees the sport as a really great way to raise funds for a cause that touches all our lives.

“I am personally so grateful for advances in cancer research. I’ve had tests detect precancerous polyps, which I had removed, and a recent breast scan that detected a small lump which was quickly determined not to be of any danger. These advances, of course, are bought about through the research that has made such great strides in my lifetime. But it needs everyone’s support, so I’m really happy that I can do my part and run for this cause.”

Anne’s daughter, Helen Louise is a huge supporter of her mum’s new found hobby and has been a great source of inspiration and encouragement to her since the beginning. As a distance runner herself, she became her mum’s go-to for knowledge on all things running and even ran alongside Anne in her very first race, helping her to achieve third place in her age division.

“My darling daughter ran with me as a warm-up for her serious event the next day and was rewarded with considerable grumpiness from her hot and bothered mother during the final kilometres! But to finish was a joy! She has played a key role in my new found passion, so now, where she leads, I follow.”

To support Anne at this year’s City to Surf, click here.

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Why do so many people run for a cause? One runner tells his story.

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Today it seems that everyone (and their dog) is running a fun run, half or full marathon. But what the growing numbers don’t say is how hard it actually is to finish a race. They don’t tell you that there is something special you need, right out of the gate, in order to have a shot at finishing what you’ve started.

You need something that will keep you going when your body is pleading with you to give up.

For most, this will be a cause that is bigger than they are. For Jonathan Weiner it’s the thought of his cousin. Having lost Michelle to cancer, Jonathan became determined to do something to honour her memory and make a difference. It’s fuelled his fire to run in this year’s City2Surf in August.

Jonathan says “I am going to keep a promise that I made her. I promised Michelle that I would do everything in my power to find a cure for this devastating disease, and this is my first step in keeping that promise.”

“Although my cousin died of brain cancer, many different types of cancers have affected my family, which is why I chose to raise funds for the ACRF. It is a way for me to help fund research in all types of cancer,” says Jonathan.

People from all over the world are joining forces to help Jonathan reach his goal of raising $18,000 for cancer research and support him in his journey to honour his cousin.

To get behind Jonathan in his cancer fun run please click here.

To see how you can embark on your own running challenge here.

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ACRF runners raise over $115K at City2Surf 2014!

IMG_3283It’s one of our favourite events of the year: the Sun Herald City2Surf – and it took place on Sunday, with more than 80,000 runners hitting the streets of Sydney for this spirited community race.

Thanks to the amazing work of 270 runners, Team ACRF has had its most successful City2Surf ever, raising over $115,000 towards cutting-edge cancer research! We’re overwhelmed by the generosity of our supporters – and hope they’ll take the chance to grab a few final donations with fundraising pages open for another four weeks.

Many of team ACRF’s runners have been affected by cancer. One supporter in particular, Fi, ran in support of her best friend Glenno, who is battling advanced melanoma. Fi is a cancer survivor herself, having been diagnosed with colorectal cancer four years’ ago.

Fi told us that she ran for Glenno because the challenge of Heartbreak Hill was nothing compared to what Glenno faces and she wanted to support him in any way possible. Fi has so far raised over $3,500 for cancer search.

As well as many new runners, we were thrilled to welcome back The Shirl’s Girls running team and David Griffith’s Ann’s Angels.

After running the gruelling 14km, our top supporters were treated to a BBQ at the exclusive ACRF beach chalet, which was sponsored by Steggles. Complimentary massages were also on offer, perfect for post-race relaxation.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the City2Surf or supported a friend, co-worker or family member, without you this incredible achievement would not have been possible!

We hope you all had a fun and enjoyable experience – check out our photos from the day![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_gallery type=”flexslider_fade” interval=”0″ images=”22257,22258,22259,22260,22261,22262,22264,22265,22266,22267,22268,22269,22270,22271,22272,22273,22274,22275,22276,22277,22278,22279,22280,22281,22282″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self” img_size=”large”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Make the most of your City2Surf by setting up an Online Fundraising campaign!

Everything is going digital nowadays and that includes fundraising for your chosen cancer charity!

Online fundraising is a simple, easy and effective way to raise funds and engage with potential donors.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation has partnered up with a number of online fundraising portals, such as Everyday Hero and GoFundraise, to make your online fundraising experience as easy as possible.

With the 2014 City2Surf general entries opening up today, why not make your run even more meaningful by opening up an online fundraising page and sharing it with your family and friends?

Continue reading “Make the most of your City2Surf by setting up an Online Fundraising campaign!”

VIC sees out our running season with a bang

As our Aussie running season comes to an end, Victoria is celebrating a couple of their last big marathons with the Melbourne Marathon Festival and the City2Sea.

More than 34,000 runners and walkers flooded to Melbourne CBD on October 13 for the Melbourne Marathon Festival, either tackling the challenge of the full or half marathons or enjoying the atmosphere and scenery of the shorter 10km and family runs.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation was humbled to have 17 supporters, running to raising money for cancer research. Together, these dedicated supporters raised over $12,000, every dollar of which will go to Australian researchers to help in their search for the cures.

Continue reading “VIC sees out our running season with a bang”

ACRF City2Surfers raise $85,000+ and help make cancer history!

85,000 runners, joggers, walkers and super heroes gathered at Sydney’s Hyde Park from 8am on Sunday 11 August, ready for one of the world’s largest community running events: the famous City2Surf.

Our ACRF team was thrilled to be there, taking on the 14km course together with some amazing runners who had grabbed the opportunity to support cancer research throughout their City2Surf campaigns.

For many of our runners, this day was more about their reasons for participating, rather than trying to beat a time. They ran in support of loved ones, and Heartbreak Hill would be no match for their determination, passion and generosity.

Continue reading “ACRF City2Surfers raise $85,000+ and help make cancer history!”

ACRF fundraisers take part in the inaugural Brisbane City2South

On Sunday 16 June, under a perfectly blue Brisbane sky, 25 runners for the ACRF joined a crowd of about 7,000 for Brisbane’s very first City2South.

The sister event for Sydney’s famous City2Surf, the City2South attracted runners from all over to take on the 14km challenge. Runners of all ages made their way from the Botanic Gardens, along Coronation Drive, through the University of Queensland and back through Highgate Hill.

We were lucky enough to be there on the day to meet with our runners and talk to them about the event and why they decided to turn this great event into a cancer fun run.

One of our fundraisers, James Shaw, raised an epic $1,715 for cancer research:

Continue reading “ACRF fundraisers take part in the inaugural Brisbane City2South”

Go for gold at this year’s City2Surf!

Cancer fun runCairns local Christine MacDonald had long considered herself one of the lucky ones; she survived childhood cancer despite a devastating prognosis and gives thanks to her incredibly supportive, specialised medical team which saw her through to recovery.

But last year, cancer struck in Christine’s life again. Her husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer which then spread to his liver. Despite a brave fight, Christine’s husband lost his life to this devastating disease.

“Before his diagnosis, we had planned to travel to Sydney to compete in the famous City2Surf together,” Christine told us.

“I now intend to compete on my own. 14kms of pain, and enduring Heartbreak Hill is nothing compared to losing your best friend.”

Rather than wait until the general City2Surf registrations open in March, Christine has decided to make fundraising her focus and sign up as an ACRF City2Surf Gold Charity runner.

Together with 20 other ACRF Gold Charity runners, Christine will rally behind the cause of cancer research, with every dollar raised going to the most promising, innovative research projects across the country. Continue reading “Go for gold at this year’s City2Surf!”

Our City2Surf Success!

The training regimes have slowed down and our online fundraising pages are about to close, but for approximately 420 ACRF charity runners, the memories of our 2012 Sun Herald City2Surf are hopefully still fresh in everyone’s mind!

We’ve put together a cheerful selection of photos and video footage from the day which, though windswept and cloudy, was a huge success for cancer research, and a whole lot of fun.

You see, we didn’t just raise a sweat as we navigated the 14km course from the Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach. We also raised more than $85,000 – every dollar of which will go to research that has the power to beat cancer.

The City2Surf is the largest timed fun run in the world, and we are thrilled to have had such strong support from our charity runners. Thank you again and we hope to see you again next year!

City2Surf: supporting our teams!

The world’s largest timed fun run, the Sun Herald City2Surf, is just around the corner and the ACRF is thrilled to have 350 runners registered to complete the 14km course for cancer research.

If you know of a friend, colleague or family member who is registered as an ACRF team member, please do support their efforts. 14km is no easy feat, and considering the approx. 80,000 other runners who will be joining us along the way, it’s certainly an event to get excited about.

Please also rest assured that ACRF staff members will also be putting out best feet forward for the cause, as we compete alongside alongside our dedicated supporters.

Support the ACRF City2Surf team here!

Last year we were thrilled to receive an incredible $75,000 from our City2Surf fundraiser’s efforts and every dollar we received went to world-class research with the power to beat cancer. Let’s see if we can reach an even higher fundraising total this year.

Thanks again to our fundraisers and very best of luck!

Miss Universe Australia 2008 signs up to support cancer research!

Laura Dundovic to run the City2Surf for cancer researchDating in the Dark host and 2008 Miss Universe Australia Laura Dundovic has pledged to support the fight against cancer as an Ambassador for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Like so many thousands of Australians, Laura and her family have been directly affected by the pain and suffering of cancer.

“My grandfather died of bowel cancer at 73 and I saw how debilitating this disease is. I saw how important research and early detection are,” she said.

“Cancer is something which seems to sadly touch everyone in some way, and I want to be a part of the fight to find the cures.”

Laura has embraced her involvement with the organisation with open arms, having already secured a contribution from OK Magazine for her recent Mother’s Day photo shoot.

Her first official event as an ACRF Ambassador too, will be a family affair when Laura tackles the world’s largest fun-run, the 2012 Sun Herald City2Surf with her mother and father running by her side. Continue reading “Miss Universe Australia 2008 signs up to support cancer research!”

For a great cause, you can jump the queue – City2Surf charity spots are now open!

City2Surf Golden Charity places now open!The Australian Cancer Research is very excited to be a Gold Charity at this year’s City2Surf!

We have 50 places available to runners who want to register early and make some noise for the ACRF during their City2Surf campaign. City2Surf Gold Charity runners receive ongoing fundraising support from the team here at the ACRF, as well as a supporter’s kit, a unique gold City2Surf bib, and a start in front of the pack on the day (just after the timed runners).

The City2Surf will be held on Sunday August 12, 2012 and consists of a scenic 14km route from Sydney’s CBD to Bondi Beach.

This year, the ACRF aims to raise $100,000 through this incredible event, every dollar of which will go to world-class cancer research. We CAN do it with your help!

Your support will help Australian scientists better prevent, diagnose, treat and defeat cancer for Australians of this generation and the next.

Click here to register your interest!

A great big welcome for the City2Sea

Rounding out the running events for the year was the inaugural City2Sea in Melbourne, the sister event to the Sydney City2Surf. And what a fantastic beginning for this new race!

A great team of 25 people turned out to support cancer research as part of their race challenge. The team was made up of cancer survivors, those who had lost loved ones and some who just wanted to do their bit knowing that “every dollar counts”.

On the day, many of our runners had great success, completing the race in personal best times. Continue reading “A great big welcome for the City2Sea”

Taking on the 2011 City2Surf

In August the Sydney CBD was overrun by 85,000 people and filled with a fantastic atmosphere for the annual City2Surf. Over 400 of the competitors were proudly supporting cancer research.

A group of ACRF staff were even out in force for the day taking on the 14km course. Many of our supporters were running for cancer research in honour of those who were fighting cancer and those who had sadly lost their battle with this disease.

Our top fundraising team, Ann’s Angels, were doing just that. Dave and his team were running for his terminally ill mother Ann. Dave said “It’s easy to sit around and mope, but while she’s alive I’d rather be positive.”, and their team of over 30 people raised more than $18,000! Continue reading “Taking on the 2011 City2Surf”

City2Surf 2011: ACRF will see you there!

The ACRF City2Surf team might need a little more training in the lead up to the City2Surf but we’re certainly not lacking in spirit!

This Sunday 14 August, five eager ACRF staff will rise to the 14.2km challenge, joining millions of Australians in the biggest timed fun run in the world.

To support our efforts with a small donation please click here, or click ‘more’ (below) to meet the team. If you are one of the 450+ supporters who are running the course for ACRF and you see one of our staff members throughout the day, please come and say hello. We’d love the opportunity to thank you in person for competing in support of cancer research. Best of luck everybody! Continue reading “City2Surf 2011: ACRF will see you there!”

Help fund the research of today that will help the cancer patients of tomorrow

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) wants to fund even more groundbreaking cancer research and is aiming to raise $750,000 in its 2010 Christmas Appeal, says the Foundation’s Chief Executive David Brettell.

Continue reading “Help fund the research of today that will help the cancer patients of tomorrow”

VALE Fred Pham

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) is saddened to hear of the passing, on 30 October 2010, of Mr Fred Pham. Just three months ago, Mr Pham, whilst battling terminal cancer, was the largest individual fundraiser for a charity in the annual Sun-Herald City to Surf Fun Run (in Sydney). ACRF was privileged to be the beneficiary of Fred’s amazing effort.

Fred,  just 47, leaves his wife and five children. We grieve with them and hope that his strength gives them strength.

All at ACRF are thinking of the Pham family. He was a true inspiration.

David Brettell

Fred Pham on 'Insight' 7:30pm tonight

Major Australian Cancer Research Foundation fundraiser and champion Fred Pham will take to the television air waves tonight to talk about his unique experience battling cancer.

Pham will appear on the popular SBSInsight’ program, hosted by Jenny Brockie, in a show that focuses on terminal illness.  Jenny will ask patients who might have just weeks or months to live the big question. ‘Should they fight on or accept the inevitable? Should their doctors hold out hope, however slim, or deliver the hard medical reality?’

These decisions are much tougher as medicine and medical technology becomes increasingly sophisticated.  Patients, families and doctors wrestle with these ethical and moral dilemmas at the end of life..

Fred Pham, 47, has been told that he has incurable cancer but is still fighting. He is currently on “fourth-line chemo”, which doctors tell him has a slim chance of working. Continue reading “Fred Pham on 'Insight' 7:30pm tonight”

City2Surf: the $80,000 dream

A very B-I-G congratulations and thank you to everyone who supported the cancer research City2Surf dream team!

The ACRF dream team – led by staffers Claire, Mahsa and Natasha – is jubilant following a massive effort at last Sunday’s City2Surf which will see an extra $80,000 go directly to cancer research.

The early morning start and chilly weather couldn’t keep them and close to 800 other Australian Cancer Research Foundation entrants from lining up for this annual race from the Sydney business district to Bondi beach.

One of the most inspiring participants in the 80,000 strong field was Fred Pham.

Mr Pham, schoolteacher and father of five young children, has only a short time to live. This did not stop him walking the 14 kilometre course with two of his sons and becoming the event’s most successful individual fundraiser. Continue reading “City2Surf: the $80,000 dream”

Cancer Research: Fred Pham a City2Surf winner


Fred Pham’s Walk Of Life raises $40,000+ for cancer research

Fred Pham is an ACRF supporter. He has terminal cancer. And he is a winner!

The Foundation is more than pleased to announce that Mr Pham has taken first place as thetop individual fundraiser for the 2010 City2Surf.

As a participant in Australia’s biggest fun run, Mr Pham raised an amazing $30,000 for cancer research, and was then rewarded with an additional $10,000 donation by race organisers, the SunHerald. Continue reading “Cancer Research: Fred Pham a City2Surf winner”

City2Surf dream team: good luck everyone!

The Sydney City2Surf is this weekend and already over $60,000 has been raised for cancer research!

We’re so proud of everyone on the Cancer Research City2Surf Dream Team and really excited about Sunday.

Don’t forget, we’ll be tweeting all along the way, as well as posting pictures of our progress, so please follow us on www.twitter.com/cancer_research

Big thanks to our fabulous Dream Team fundraisers (all 95 of you!) and all of the team’s super supporters.

Good Luck for Sunday Everyone and Go Team!!!

Continue reading “City2Surf dream team: good luck everyone!”

City2Surf: join the cancer research dream team

2010 City2Surf team off and running

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s own “Three Amigas” are in final preparations for the upcoming City2Surf marathon on August 8.

Staffers Claire McArthur, Natasha Khema and Mahsa Lotfizadeh say that rather than just encourage runners taking part in the event this year on behalf of the Australian Research Foundation, they wish to show solidarity by taking part themselves.

“We just don’t want to just talk the talk, we want to walk the walk,” said Claire who added that she had purchased some “lovely new runners” for the event.

Cancer research supporters can also expect a unique experience from the team as they provide real time updates along the 14km route through the Foundation’s Twitter account. Continue reading “City2Surf: join the cancer research dream team”

Join the cancer research City2Surf team

Yay! We’ve just put our team together for the 2010 Sydney City2Surf & we’d love you to join us!

The Sun Herald City2Surf, presented by Westpac, is the community fitness event for everyone. With the right training, anyone, at any age and any fitness level can participate. It’s also an opportunity to raise money for the charity you care about most.

If your thinking of taking part in this year’s event, or have already registered, why not add a bit of extra meaning & team spirit by joining the Australian Cancer Research Foundation City2Surf team?

To join us simply select Australian Cancer Research Foundation as your team when registering, we’re in the yellow category. Visit the City2Surf website to register. Continue reading “Join the cancer research City2Surf team”

Sporting Events for Cancer Research

Australia’s leading cancer scientists will depend more than ever on the support of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation to keep the funding up for their vital work, to get results in the race to find a cure for cancer.

Participating in charity marathons or an organised fundraising sporting event is not only lots of fun, but a great way you can help raise much needed funds for cancer research.

Whether you’re competing as part of a team or taking part individually, it’s as simple as registering for the sporting event and then asking your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you. Plus a bit of training of course!

Did you know that a partnership between the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and Everyday Hero means you can create your own online fundraising page in minutes?

  1. Simply select the event you’d like to take part in
  2. Set a fundraising target;
  3. Create a fundraising page at the Cancer Research Online Fundraising Page or by clicking on the relevant link below (Don’t forget to select Australian Cancer Research Foundation as your chosen charity!); and
  4. Get everyone you know to sponsor you or your team by sending your fundraising webpage link out via email or posting it on your social networking sites.

Once you create an online fundraising page, just watch the momentum build. Before you know it, you’ll have your own fans, supporters and sponsors – all for cancer research. It’s that easy!

Online fundraising not your thing? Visit our Fundraise for Cancer Research page for further details on fundraising options.

2011 Sporting Events links:

Cancer Research wins City2Surf

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation was well represented at this year’s huge Sun-Herald City2Surf marathon.

82 dedicated supporters ran, jogged, walked and “crawled’’ on behalf of the Foundation in this year’s event, jointly raising over $25,000 for cancer research, made possible through the incredible generosity of more than 700 supporters.

ACRF supporters and their motivations

One of the larger contingents of runners included the Gatorade PepsiCo ACRF team who raised more than $1000. Their runners were greeted at the end of the race by a corporate team who provided lunch and a soothing massage for any aching limbs in a specially provided for tent.

PepsiCo said `We had more than 40 runners who took part in the event supporting six different charities, including the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

“A lot of our runners, who were wearing our distinctive Gatorade t-shirts, ended up finishing high up in the field.

“Our company has been involved with the event for the past 11 years and this year’s event was a fantastic day for all concerned. We will certainly be interested in being involved next year.”

Some of PepsiCo employers have been regular supporters of the ACRF since 2008 through a workplace giving program.

Another ACRF supporter, Sue Sanossian said she took part in the event in honor of her brother Graeme Medo, 51, who recently passed away from cancer.

“Graeme, who died June 14 leaving behind a wife and four kids, developed cancer of the bowel and liver. At first they thought they had got rid of the bowel cancer but then problems with his liver set in,’’ she said.

“I was absolutely delighted to run on behalf of the ACRF because of the important research they are funding”

“I ran as “Team Cray’’ because my brother loved crayfish. I did have to train for the event but because I did this I pulled up ok. I injured my foot earlier this year and ran under a little pain but nothing like that which my brother faced at the end. I come from a large family who all supported my run. So far I have collected almost $1000.’’

Westpac banker Peter Stenvert who also participated on behalf of the ACRF, said he had trained with work mates before the big race.

“I completed the run in 65 minutes and 30 seconds. I was happy with that. I have to be honest though I did pull up a little sore after it.

I heard about you guys and looked up your site on the Internet and was very impressed with the work you do. Keep at it’’ added Peter.

Fitness trainer Kaz Muddell, 43, must be good at her job as she said several of her clients actually beat her to the finish line.

“Yes, they did which I laughed about but I did do it in a time I was happy with especially as I have a bit of trouble with my knees.

“I wanted to support the ACRF because I have a real fear of cancer as my Grandmother died of breast cancer. I think the work you guys put into cancer research is vital’’ said Kaz.

Other participants were the Getalife team who raised $225 for the ACRF and met at the historic Archibald Fountain before the start of the race.


The winner of this year’s event was 25-year-old Queenslander Michael Shelley, who was ecstatic as he crossed the finish line at a packed Bondi Beach, ahead of a huge field of more than 75,000 runners.

First woman across the line was Blue Mountains athlete and two-time fourth place-getter Melinda Vernon, who slashed a huge 1:43 off her best time to triumph in a day for breakthrough performances. It was an awesome performance.

A big thank you

Below are the names of all our supporters in the Sydney City2Surf, whom we thank so very much for such amazing efforts and results!

Your generous support will assist this Foundation in its mission to fund breakthrough cancer research in Australia.

Thanks to: Andrew Innes, Elinor Lascelles, Jonathan Palasty, Rachel Lewins, Andrew Steven, Elyssa Herd & Team “Running for Eliza,” Julia Puntoriero, Raynee Dewar, Anne Nguyen, Erin Chadwick & Team “Chadlink,” Justin Ree, Rebecca Stafford, Ben Watford, Fiona Turner, Kate Velevitch, Richard Bull, Bonnie Mulholland & Team “Global Medics,” Frankie Piper & Team “TuTufast4you,”  Katrina Henderson & Team “BodyShape,” Richard James (Running for Rachy), Brad Nardi, Grant Sundin, Kaz Muddell, Rob Armstrong & Team “DDM2,” Bradley Merrick, Harvey Stockbridge,  Kevin Mc Cabe, Roberta Kelly & Team “GetaLife,” Brian Shuttleworth & Team “Shuttleworth,” Hayley Kain, Kylie Jones & Team “Baz,” Rosemary Brett, Briony Stevenson, Hoang Mai, Lauren Walsh,   Sandra Carew & Team “Carew,”  Cherie Mabbott, Ian Nash, Leonie Katsillis, Sarah McCandless (Scatty & Waz), Christopher Anthony Ilinkovski, James Adams, Magda Sutch, Sarah McGill,  Christopher Carreck, James Kilpatrick, Marc Dorfmueller, Simon Halpin, Clariza Pearce & Team “Stompers,” Jamie Nelson, Mark Neatherway, Stephen Thomas, (Yoggers), Collette Wilson, Jayne Wordley, Mark Rosinski, Sue Sanassian & Team “Cray,” Daisy Donnelly, Jennifer Crowcombe, Meng Ly, Susan Christie, Daniel Corcoran, Jimmy Bullard, Monica Betancourt, Tanya Hart, David Cocker, Joanne Wynne, Mukund Guruji, Terryn Gaudry, David Hall, Jodi Sanders, My Chung & Team “RunRun,”  The Gatorade-PepsiCo ACRF Team, David Le Roy, Joe Lam, Peter Curran, Wilson Kung, David Ngaue, Joel Davies, Peter Stenvert, Dilek Akguen, John Grauer and Philippa Brown