Workplace Giving

A small act with a big impact

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Be part of Australia’s best, most progressive cancer research.

Workplace Giving is a simple and tax-effective way to donate regularly to Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Workplace giving is a joint relationship between employers, employees, and charities – working together to deliver significant social impact.

By making small, regular donations from your pre-tax pay to ACRF, you can receive a tax benefit straight away by reducing your taxable income – all while supporting Australia’s best cancer research. 

If your company doesn’t yet offer a workplace giving program, you can still make regular contributions to ACRF by joining us as a monthly giver.

Small act with a big impact

Research shows that the relationship between not-for-profits and businesses is increasingly vital, expected, and essential for corporate success. A recent study conducted by Workplace Giving Australia shows:


of respondents say engagement with charities and good causes is now more important than ever in our current climate.


of respondents believe that companies have a social responsibility to set standards of ethical behaviour by actively engaging in philanthropy.


of respondents would be more likely to recommend a company that was a leader in corporate philanthropy (over 70% for Gen Z).

How does it work?

Employees can make regular donations through their payroll system from their pre-tax salary.

For example, if you donate $20 it will only cost you $12.60*. ACRF, however, will receive the full $20.

Workplace giving also provides the opportunity for employers to match employee donations – helping to double the impact.

Workplace Giving Australia report that many of those engaged through the workforce can see themselves doing even more if higher corporate support is offered and promoted.

62% of employees report that they were encouraged to donate because the business matched the donation.

* Exact figures are dependent on the individual’s ATO personal tax bracket.

The impact of your support

 At ACRF we are committed to funding the very best, most innovative cancer research projects in the country. These research initiatives have the power to make real progress in the fight against all types of cancer. Your regular donations will help ACRF plan for the future and fund more transformational cancer research, which will progress and transform the way we prevent, detect and treat cancer. 

Benefits of Workplace Giving


By taking part in workplace giving, you can directly support a cause you are passionate about. Donating through workplace giving provides you with an immediate tax benefit by reducing your taxable income. It is an efficient and easy way to regularly donate, with donations recorded on your payslip. This means that you have no receipts to collect or any additional admin.


By implementing a workplace giving program, you can benefit from greater staff engagement, retention, and social impact through your ESG programs. Workplace giving also allows you to add value and build partnerships with the communities you serve.

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How to start Workplace Giving

For employees

If your workplace has an established workplace giving program, contact your Human Resources or Payroll Manager to help you get started.

For employers

Including ACRF in your Workplace Giving program is easy, and we can help you get started. Contact us today at corporate@acrf.com.au or give us a call at 02 9223 7833 for more information.

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