2011 Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

Bright and early on May 15th, 34 fantastic cancer research supporters took to the streets of Sydney as part of the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon.

The Foundation’s supporters chose to raise funds for cancer research for a variety of reasons. With the prevalence of cancer in Australia it’s no surprise that our supporter’s lives have been impacted in some way through cancer. Sadly many have lost loved ones to cancer, and others have loved ones currently fighting cancer and wanted to do something to show their support. Their fundraising was seen as a chance to support a “worthy cause”, do something positive in a difficult time, honour the memory of loved ones and mentors, and in the hope that research will be able to stop “this killer disease”.

Despite some pre-race injuries – a broken arm, a fractured shoulder blade, and a torn hamstring – the 34 ACRF supporters all completed the 21.1km race with a record number of competitors. Even the injured few just kept on running, some channelling the mentality of their mentor, and previous ACRF supporter, the late Fred Pham. Many of the runners achieved personal bests, and some were just glad to have made it across the line, but the real winner was cancer research with over $20,000 raised!

The Foundation would like to extend our congratulations and a great big thank you to all of our competitors and all of their generous supporters! Thank you to Anthony, Baz, Callie, Caroline, Christine, Cormac, Danielle, Denise, Elizabeth, Ibrahim, Jackson, Jacqui, James, James, Jared, Jennifer, John, Joseph, Kagan, Karlie, Lauren, Lena, Lucy, Micah, Nicole, Penelope, Pepita, Robert, Sue, Team Ben Buckler, Thomas, Tony and Valerie, Vinson!

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