Your legacy could be a world without cancer

We understand that leaving a gift to a charity in your Will is no small commitment, we are honoured that so many individuals choose ACRF to help fulfil their wishes.

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A gift for a cancer-free future

Cancer continues to impact us all, but through a bequest in your will for cancer research, you can help change this reality. ACRF supports only the most innovative research projects, aiming to significantly advance cancer treatment. Leaving a legacy gift is more than a charitable act; it's shaping a future where cancer can be conquered.

“Our benefactors' decision to leave a gift in their will to ACRF is a powerful statement. They are not just donating; they are changing the course of cancer research in Australia.” Janene Gontier, Development Manager, Planned Giving

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Shape your legacy, your way

When planning your will, your foremost consideration is naturally the well-being of your loved ones. Ensuring their future is secure forms the essence of your legacy. In addition to this, you have the opportunity to extend your impact through a charitable bequest to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF). Here are various ways you can include ACRF in your will, creating a balance between caring for your family and contributing to vital cancer research:

Whole Estate

Whole Estate is when you choose to leave your entire estate to ACRF. Those without dependants are choosing this exceptionally generous option.

Residual gift

Residual gift where you leave a portion of your estate to ACRF. It’s commonly stated as a percentage of your estate residue, or the amount that remains after providing for your loved ones and expenses. This allows for growth in the value of your estate.

Percentage gift

Percentage gift is when you choose to leave a percentage of the overall value of your estate which again allows for growth in the value of your estate.

Pecuniary gift

Pecuniary gift is when you choose to leave a specific amount of money to ACRF. While these gifts are greatly appreciated, they do not allow for changes in circumstances or inflation.

A gift

A gift is where you specify an item such as real estate, shares or a particular item.

Steps you can take for a life-saving gift

When you leave a gift to ACRF in your Will you are giving hope to the over 400 people who each day in Australia receive the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis. Here are some helpful steps to help guide you through the process of including a charity in your Will.

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When considering your Will, your first priority may be your loved ones, making sure they are looked after. Consider which family, friends or organisations you would like to honour with a gift, and how you would like to divide your assets to fulfil your planned legacy. Any gift to ACRF is greatly valued because it ensures continued support for cancer research.


Select the way in which you would like to leave your legacy. To find out more about the different types of gifts you can give, refer to the section entitled 'Your legacy, your way' above.


We suggest you share your intentions with the people close to you and let them know that cancer research is important to you. This can help to ensure your last wishes are honoured. If you wish to leave a gift in your Will to ACRF, we invite you to share your intentions with us so we can showcase the progress you will support. We would also love the opportunity to thank you personally.

We understand that this is a very personal decision and will respect your privacy should you wish to remain anonymous.


Determine whether your wishes will require a simple Will using templates or an online platform such as www.safewill.com/acrf or will require legal input.


Visit and discuss your plans with your solicitor who will ensure your wishes are recorded in a legally binding way and will be carried out the way you intend.

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Will Wording

To assist you in leaving a gift to ACRF, you can use the will wording supplied below.

“I give to Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ABN 27 076 461 360) of Suite 903, 50 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000 for the purposes of funding world class cancer research, free from all taxes and duties, (here please specify your gift, e.g. the residue of my estate, XX% of the residue of my estate or the sum of $XXX). I direct that the receipt of any director or other proper officer for the time being of that Foundation will be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees.”

ACRF Bequest Charter

Backing your brilliance

When you entrust ACRF with a gift in your Will, we are committed to ensuring you are supporting the best and boldest cancer research in Australia.

Take a look at our commitment to you.

Read ACRF's Bequest Charter

You will be in good company

Meet others committed to leaving a gift to ACRF in their Will. There is nothing more meaningful than a legacy of a cancer-free future.



Clio has committed to backing brilliant cancer research well into the future by generously leaving a gift to ACRF in her Will. Sadly, Clio lost her mother to cancer.

“I’ve seen what cancer can do first-hand. That’s why I have made ACRF a beneficiary in my Will. It’s important for me to support ACRF and the research they fund. For me, my hope is that we can just remove cancer from the world."


“Many drops make an ocean” – Michael hopes many more people consider leaving a gift in their Will to cancer research because he knows that together, we can create an ocean of difference and a world without cancer.

"I was 9 or 10 when my cousin, Pui Fun passed away from leukemia. She was 7. We sort of grew up and played together in the extended Chinese family in those days."

"When it came time to write my Will and I had the opportunity to leave a gift that would have a lasting impact, I decided to include ACRF to help fund more vital cancer research. I believe that finding better treatments for cancer will one day prevent other children from losing their playmates, their siblings, and the people they love. It’s just something small I could do and it may even help my own family or future generations one day."


“I support the ACRF in honour of my Mum, Jean, who died from a brain tumour (Glioblastoma) in June 2011. I miss Mum every day."

"I miss her even more after giving birth to twin daughters in 2013 – she would have been so excited at the thought of having twin grandchildren."

"When I investigated various options for donating, ACRF stood out – they seemed so dedicated to putting each dollar to the best possible use, and clearly had a great deal of respect for donations. After being a monthly giver for a short time, I decided to include the ACRF in my Will."


After meeting Ian, a charming surf lifesaver, on a cruise in their 20s, Marelle's life took an unexpected turn. After the cruise they stayed in touch for about one year until Marelle and her family moved house and they lost contact. Three decades later, Ian embarked on a mission to find her. Marelle was at home in her unit on the northern beaches when the phone rang. “I got the shock of my life to hear Ian’s voice at the other end. I simply said – ‘Ian is that you? I think he was just as shocked when I recognised his voice."

Marelle and Ian were married less than a year after that phone call and had almost 20 blissful years together. But their fairytale ended in January 2008, when Ian passed from pancreatic cancer. For Marelle, the loss was profound, feeling as though she had lost him twice: once in their youth and again after marriage. Marelle is a loyal supporter of ACRF and included a gift in her Will, in memory of the love of her life.


Lynn Moffitt lost her twin sister, Jean, to ovarian cancer in 1993. To honor Jean's memory, she made her first donation and became ACRF's first volunteer in 1995. Despite relocating to Port Stephens in 2003, Lynn continued her support, inspired by her late husband's battle with bowel cancer and later. “Sadly, in 2005, Ron passed away unexpectedly from bowel cancer. For me, this underlined the importance of supporting ACRF. More than ever I valued their work and looked forward to reading the newsletters and learning about all the great research."

“In 2007, I met my partner Larry at my local Probus Club. The very last Chairman’s dinner Larry and I attended together, Larry was going through treatment for Multiple Myeloma. We were both so thrilled to be sat at a table with an amazing young scientist whose work focused on Multiple Myeloma."

In April 2017, after ten wonderful years together, Larry too passed from his cancer. “Cancer has taken so many of my family members, I am so grateful for the work of ACRF. The work ACRF does gives me great comfort and I am very proud to say that I have shown my commitment to ACRF by including a gift in my Will."

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