Shave to Save supports cancer research

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“My sister, Mansi was affected by cancer some time ago, so cancer research is a cause close to home. Mansi wanted this fundraiser to be a tribute to those who aren’t as lucky as her and to help researchers bring an end cancer. We know first-hand how cancer affects patients and their families and we wanted to help prevent more families from going through what we had to.

Apart from raising money, we also thought it was equally important to show solidarity with current cancer patients. We know that sometimes patients who lose their hair feel embarrassed and try to cover up. We hoped that by shaving our heads and proudly strutting around with our new looks that we could encourage people going through treatment to feel confident, with or without hair.

We wanted to spread awareness of the importance of cancer research and get as many people involved as possible. By choosing to shave our head we attracted a lot of interest in our community.

The ‘Shave to Save’ fundraiser was our way of showing everyone who is battling this disease that our community is standing with them – and we were overwhelmed by the support. Honestly, I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner! We are truly humbled by the incredible support we’ve received over the past few months and we hope we’ve made a positive impact.

We chose to support the ACRF because the main aim of the foundation is to eradicate cancer altogether, and that’s our ultimate aim too. While there is a long road ahead, we have seen the impact a small fundraiser can have.

I believe that if people unite together we will continue to get closer to a future without cancer.” – ACRF supporter, Prem Aghera

Toby’s Beard Shave for Cancer Research

ACRF, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, cancer charity, cancer fundraising, Cancer Research, cancer research fundraising, Challenge, charity challenge, charity foundation, donate to charity, Fighting cancer, Funding research, Fundraiser, fundraising, Fundraising Stories, Types of cancer, shave for the cure, be brave and shave, shave my hair for cancer, head shave for cancer research“My name is Toby and I’m 29. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in October 2014. Prior to my diagnosis, I was a very active and healthy person – I enjoyed running and hitting the gym, I never smoked and drank only on occasion. There was also no history of rectal cancer in my family – so the diagnosis came as quite a shock.

Since then I have received multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, as well as some major operations so doctors could remove the cancer, create a temporary ileostomy, and then reverse it.

I’m currently recovering from the reversal surgery and getting used to my new “plumbing.” I will still need to go to follow-up appointments every three months or so but fortunately I was given the all clear late last year.

A couple of months before I was diagnosed I started growing a beard. Once everybody got over the initial shock of my diagnosis, questions began turning to my beard and when I was going to shave it.

My beard had become a comfort for me through all of this, so if I was going to shave – it had to be for a good reason! I started thinking about the idea of shaving it off for charity and because I received so much support, I felt that I should do something to give back.

Cancer is too common and this has become even more obvious since I was diagnosed. Almost everyone I meet has a story of someone close to them who has been affected by cancer. I feel like I am one of the lucky ones and I wanted something good to come from my experience.

On Australia day, I’ll be holding a celebration and shaving ceremony at our local bowls club. I’ll be putting on a big barbeque to say thank you to all my friends and family who supported me and donated to my cause. I’ll also be raffling off some great prizes from generous local businesses, as well as the honour of who will get to make the first cut of the shave!

I really hope that someday, no one will have to go through what I and so many others have been through. Finding a cure or a gentler form of treatment is the ultimate goal and that is why I decided to support the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Every little bit helps to bring us closer to finding a cure or developing better treatments that will make it easier on those diagnosed, and their family.” – ACRF Supporter, Toby Stodart.

To support Toby’s Beard Shave for Cancer, click here.

Claire loses her luscious red locks for cancer research

When your hair is almost long enough to sit on, it’s a big deal to trim an inch or two let alone shave it all off!

However, Claire Purio from Fremantle did just that. She took a number 2 razer to her long red hair at the Mt Claremont Famers Market on March 22, and through this brave gesture of support for her father, who is still grieving the loss of his mother, Claire raised almost $3,500 for cancer research.

Claire’s story into why she is shaving her head is incredibly touching.

Continue reading “Claire loses her luscious red locks for cancer research”

Cutting beautiful lengths for cancer research

Cancer fundraisingIt’s not everyday that 2 seven year old girls choose to chop off their hair in support of charity.

Ella Dries and Tylah Foley from Ocean Grove Primary School took part in the recent Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign by cutting their hair to be donated for a wig for a cancer patient.

The story of these 2 girls have not only touched the hearts of the local community but touched the heart of a local mum Beth Williamson, also from Ocean Grove, and she decided to join the girls and cut for the cause too. For most little girls, hair is so precious, but these brave two knew they could help others and support cancer research in honour of their nanny who has just been through cancer. Continue reading “Cutting beautiful lengths for cancer research”

Lisa loses her locks

 Cancer fundraising Cancer fundraising

When a close friend started to undergo treatment for cancer, supporter Lisa Stoddart decided it was time to do something. It was Lisa’s long locks that were to be sacrificed in honour of a beautiful friend and to support cancer research.

In her own words, “I’m quite attached to my hair… so I was hoping I could raise some money as a by-product of cutting it off and it could go to a charity”

With just 2 weeks until her shave Lisa jumped into fundraising & the money started rolling in. As friends, family and colleagues rallied behind her – Lisa’s donation target of $2,500 was quickly surpassed. The generosity continued throughout the weeks leading up to the event showing great support of Lisa and her dear friend Amanda. Continue reading “Lisa loses her locks”

11 year old Ruby cuts it for cancer research

Ruby's cancer fundraising challenge!She’s only 11 years old, and already Ruby Tilley is making headlines.

This incredible young lady raised more than $13,000 for cancer research following her pledge to shave her head at the Roosters vs Broncos NRL match last Sunday. Continue reading “11 year old Ruby cuts it for cancer research”

Colour & Shave for a good cause

A bright idea, generous donations, and a confident ACRF supporter made for a wonderfully successful recent fundraiser.

Tania Kriticos chose to fundraise for cancer research through her unique head shave because of her personal connection with cancer. “Having a number of family & friends who have succumbed and are currently battling with various forms of cancer, I wanted to pick an organisation that wasn’t cancer-specific”.

As an extra motivating factor to get her friends and family to donate, Tania included a hair colour auction as part of the process. When a donation was made a vote could be placed for which weird and wonderful hairstyle Tania would sport in the 2 weeks prior to her head shave – choices included bright blue, hot pink, zebra stripes and rainbow. In the end, blue won the day and along with the help of Miranda from Kurtz Hair by Design in Hawker, Tania was transformed! Much to Tania’s surprise, she received many amazing positive comments from strangers about her unique hairstyle! Continue reading “Colour & Shave for a good cause”

Headshave to mark a milestone birthday

Kay Webb recently turned the big 60 & decided to celebrate by shaving her head for cancer research. Kay had always wanted to shave her head, and thought this occasion was a great time to do it & mark the milestone by getting rid of the “big red head and going the full monty”!

Kay chose to support cancer research as “we all know someone who has been touched by cancer and how this impacts on their lives and also their families, friends and colleagues” and there is a constant need for research. When the big day arrived, the red locks came off, but Kay was brave and kept smiling throughout the entire process. Continue reading “Headshave to mark a milestone birthday”

Jaylene chops her locks for cancer research

Jaylene Davey recently took the plunge and shaved off her long locks for cancer research!

At Christmas last year the extended Davey family donated to cancer research instead of Secret Santa gifts. This generous gesture was prompted by the loss of a dear family member after an eight month battle with cancer in his gall bladder. Jaylene also chose to honour the memory of her uncle and positively contribute towards cancer research in another way. Continue reading “Jaylene chops her locks for cancer research”