An appeal for tax deductible donations to cancer research

Together we can fund the cancer research innovations that will change the world.

Please never doubt the impact that your tax deductible donation – however small or large – can have on our work. We are funding the innovations that matter together, and together we can beat this terrible disease.

Please make your tax deductible donation here

It can be hard to imagine that one tax deductible donation – your donation – could make a difference, but it can, it does. The proof lies in what the ACRF has been able to achieve thanks to generous Australians like you.

You see, when your donation combines with the single donations of thousands of Australian individuals, families, companies, community groups etc. the ACRF is able to award up to $10 million to world-class cancer research initiatives every year.

Every single donation dollar that we receive goes to research. And not just any research. We fund research with the power to beat cancer.

For example, take a look at the Mass Spectrometer, pictured in the infographic to the right.

Despite its humble appearance, this piece of multi-million dollar machinery which the ACRF has recently provided for an Australian research team is a thing of true beauty: It does three years’ worth of cancer research in a day.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation will give every tax donation dollar we receive from this tax-time appeal to research innovations like this. These are the innovations that will beat cancer. They are the innovations that will change the world.

Why we give:

Cancer is a devastating disease that does not discriminate. It has a direct effect on one in two Australians before the age of 85, and an even wider impact on the many friends and family members who take the cancer journey with their loved one.

David Archer (pictured right) makes a regular charity donation to the ACRF every month in memory of his wife, who passed away from a head tumour at just 35 years old.

He donates for himself, for their children, for hope and for certainty:

“Danielle inspired so many during her brave fight against cancer. To honour her memory, I have made a life-time commitment to actively support Australian researchers in their search for the cures.”

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