“I love my mum, sharing her story is special to me.”Ali

When my mum (Deb) was first diagnosed with cancer back in 2019 she went into Chemo that week, it was pretty intense and she fought so hard. Mum married my stepdad, Rob, in November in a small courthouse ceremony with just myself, my brother, Gio, my sister, Lily and Rob’s daughter, Rhani.

Pictured here: Deb (Ali’s mum), and her Step-dad, Rob.

Mum lived down in Denmark, so for every treatment she would stay with me for the week and my step-dad would drive her up and back. After about one year of chemo, Mum was still as outgoing and vibrant as ever, she still worked and made time for her friends and family, all while going through the pain of the treatment and the emotional pain of losing what she considered her “femininity”.

Pictured here: Lily – Ali’s sister, Ali’s mum – Deb and Ali.

There were many phone calls and discussions between us where she felt ugly without her hair and her eyelashes and yet through it all she maintained her kind personality.

Mum started treatment through a research trial around July 2020, it had an intense effect on her body and eventually, in November 2020, she passed away after a week in the hospital. Her funeral was attended by over 500 people as well as those who watched online. It was an awful but beautiful experience to get that time with my mother and have the chance to say goodbye.

Pictured here: Ali’s mum, Deb

“After Mum was gone, I found it hard to focus on anything. So when the opportunity came up to do the ACRF Hair Dare, it was honestly a lifesaver.”

At first, I thought to raise $1000 but my community is so supportive and so strong that I made that within 2 hours of posting the link, so I changed it to $5000 and after I shaved my head I had made well over that amount.

Pictured here: Gio (Ali’s brother), Lily (Ali’s sister) and Ali (Left to Right)

I held the Hair Dare on Mum’s birthday, May 1st at her beautiful home. It was attended by friends and family and it was a wonderful afternoon. I know Mum felt like she had lost her femininity in losing her hair, but for me, it had to opposite effect, I suppose because for me it was a choice.

Mum was never more beautiful than when she was fighting for her life and although she’s now gone, she will never be forgotten.