How Do Tax Deductible Donations Work: The impact of your tax deductible donation

Tax deductible charity donations are a great way to give your tax refund a boost while contributing to a cause that you are passionate about helping.

 When you donate to charity before June 30th, your taxable deductible donation will reduce your taxable income which will mean you pay less tax as a result.

How your tax deductible donation to ACRF will help fund ground-breaking cancer research

Thanks to the generosity of our many supporters, each year ACRF is able to award high-impact grants, allowing Australia’s best scientists to embark on ground-breaking research projects.

Donations to ACRF supported one of the most impactful breakthroughs in cancer research. ACRF provided seed-funding for Prof. Ian Frazer’s research into the cervical cancer vaccine which is soon to set Australia as the first country to effectively eliminate the disease.

Your donation will help us fund breakthroughs like these and help us with our mission to outsmart cancer by improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer. 100% of every dollar donated by 30 June will go to cancer research.  Without your help, we would not be able to change the odds for Australians like Jo and to continue exploring improved ways to diagnose cancers early as possible.

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Donate to ACRF before June 30 and claim a tax deduction when submitting your tax return for this financial year.

  • What is a tax deductible donation?

    A tax deduction can only be claimed for gifts or donations made to organisations that have a deductible gift recipient (DGR) status.

    ACRF holds DGR status and also has the registered charity tick from the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). A stamp that is reflective of the standards to which ACRF proudly holds itself to. This means that ACRF complies with the transparency and accountability standards of the ACNC Charity Register. All donations made to ACRF are tax deductible.

    A tax deductible donation is a gift made that cannot provide you with a personal or material benefit, i.e. purchasing a ticket to attend a fundraising dinner, fundraising chocolates, raffle tickets, etc.

    To claim a tax deduction for a gift (donation), it must also meet the below conditions:

    • The gift must truly be a gift. A gift is voluntary transfer of money or property where you receive no material benefit or advantage.
    • The gift must be money or property, which includes financial assets such as shares.
    • The gift must comply with any relevant gift conditions.

    For full information on charity donation tax deductions, please visit the ATO website – Gifts and Donations or speak with your financial adviser or accountant.

  • How much of my donation can I claim on my taxes?

    The amount you can claim depends on the type of gift. For gifts of money, it is the amount of the gift, but it must be $2 or more. For gifts of property, there are different rules, depending on the type, and value of the property.

    A tax deduction for most gifts is claimed in the tax return for the income year in which the gift is made. However, you can elect to spread the tax deduction over five income years in certain circumstances.

  • Can companies make a tax deductible donation to charity?

    Yes. A tax deduction for a gift is claimed by the person or organisation that makes the gift (the donor). A donor can be:

    • An individual
    • A company
    • A trust
    • Another type of taxpayer.


    Advertising or sponsorship

    If you are a business and you support a DGR through advertising or sponsorship this is generally not a gift. You may be able to claim a tax deduction as a business expense.


  • Do I need a receipt to claim my donation?

    Like any other tax deduction, you must have a receipt. You should keep records of all tax-deductible gifts and contributions you make. The Australian Taxation office recommends keeping receipts for five years after the completion of your tax return to support your claim.

  • Why make a tax deductible donation to cancer research?

    Donate to our tax appeal before June 30 and 100% of your donation will go to cancer research. 

    At ACRF, our mission is to outsmart cancer, this cannot be done without your donations to help fund ground-breaking cancer research.

    Together we can accelerate significant breakthroughs in cancer diagnosis and treatment by providing world-class scientists with the equipment they need to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

    So why not boost your tax return and help us back the brightest minds in cancer research by making a tax deductible donation today.

  • What have your donations helped us achieve?

    Your donations to ACRF help fund research into all cancers across research institutes, universities and hospitals all across Australia. These projects cover prevention, detection, and treatment for all types of cancer.

    Some of our key achievements include;

  • How important is your donation to ACRF?

    ACRF receives no government funding and relies on generous donations from individuals and businesses. Without your generosity, we cannot continue to fund groundbreaking research and contribute to the development of breakthrough cancer diagnostic measures.