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A dream crushing

After their dad’s tragic death when they were very young, Fiona became everything to her three beloved children. Fiona had big dreams for her family. She loved travelling with them and longed to show them more of the world. But then cancer came crashing into their lives.

No time
to waste

“Before I knew it, I’d been diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma.. Of course, you hope that they get all the cancer with surgery. But six months later it had spread to my brain and they told us I had six months to live. At that point, the only dream I had left was to see my children grow up.”

new treatments

Fiona had surgery for the second time in a year, this time to have the brain tumour removed. Her future looked very uncertain. But then she was offered a promising new treatment but unfortunately “the side effects were awful. Thankfully, after 12 months, my oncologist said there was another treatment option”.

Thanks to brilliant cancer research, Fiona’s dreams are still alive.

Just months ago, cancer brought Fiona’s dreams crashing down again. Although the return of her cancer has been a devastating blow, Fiona still has hope. Medical advances means she has new treatment options, and she’s just starting a promising new treatment. “I’m so thankful to have this hope. There are still so many things to look forward to in my children’s lives.”


“I can’t think of any dream more important than that for parents, partners, siblings, and children everywhere living with cancer:
to be part of their loved ones’ futures.”

“We are now at a crossroads where things we only dreamt of before are now possible”

– Chief Investigator Professor Tri Phan, ACRF Centre for Intravital Imaging of Niches for Cancer Immune Therapy

“By looking in the ‘dark space’ deep inside tumours, we hope to finally answer questions that we have not been able to answer before, revealing crucial insights that will allow us to develop new therapeutic approaches for eradicating cancer in all patients.”

Professor Tri Phan, Chief Investigator, Garvan Institute of Medical Research


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