Samantha Shaves ‘Shiny Bald’ for ACRF

My name is Samantha and I’m 20 years old. I love acting, dancing and adventures. I have a big heart and always see the best in people. I’m always supported by friends and family. Life to me is a story and I’m trying to write a great one if I help people along the way I couldn’t be happier. I started striking up the conversation with people and found that everyone is guaranteed to know someone who has been affected by cancer, whether that be through work, family, friends or simply someone serving you at a store.

Why Samantha chose to fundraise for ACRF

I chose to fundraise for the ACRF because it supports research into all forms of cancer. It was hard for me to pick just one with so many organisations out there. I know this will touch people’s hearts because it relates to everyone.

Her inspirational decision to shave her head 

I chose to shave because I wanted to make a big impact. I thought “what can I do to make a difference?” So, I went all out and I was determined to go shiny bald if I raised my goal of $700. I wanted to prove that no amount of hair means more to me than this. I was ready for a close shave, a fresh start and to bring hope to everyone.

At least I had a choice to shave my hair as opposed to having no choice and losing it. The statistics are so high that there is a chance I may have cancer throughout my lifetime, the same with everybody. Now if it happens to me in the future, I already know what it’s like to have no hair.

The impact of cancer motivated me to act because they are so staggering. In 2019 there is estimated to be 144,713 new cancer cases diagnosed.

Samantha’s urge for people to fundraise for cancer research

If you’re thinking about fundraising for ACRF and cancer research, ‘think’ no longer. Actions speak louder than words. We are all human and we have passions and the ability to care about important matters involving each other. Whether it’s colouring your hair, shaving, donating or volunteering, it’s as simple as that. You can do it.

My goal was $700 and I raised that in just 3 days. By the fourth day, I had reached $1000, my mind was blown. Before my big shave, I had raised $3000 by word of mouth and sharing on social media. I had collaborated with my local Bracken Ridge Tavern. They were on board, especially because their staff member is currently going through breast cancer.

The night of the shave 

I gathered more than 80 people to this event and held raffles, it was spectacular.
It was an emotional night, I had people come up to me and tell me their cancer stories, some currently happening,

I cried four times before I even shaved my head. I had three extra shavers, including my dad, who surprised me and made me cry. The gaming bar manager also shaved her head for the breast cancer lady on a bid that raised $1,121 in 10 mins.

I have currently $7,150 well more than my original goal and my heart is full of love and support. I feel liberated with my bald head and my hair is growing exceptionally fast but this will be something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Feeling inspired by Samantha’s bravery and ready to raise life-saving funds for cancer research? Find out more about shaving your head for ACRF here.