Natalie’s Story

“Trying to work out what our lives would look like without my Dad in it broke me to my absolute core,” said Natalie who lost her beloved dad just seven months after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Natalie shared her story with us, explaining why she chose to take on the ACRF Hair Dare in support of cancer research. 

“Hundreds of men and women are diagnosed with cancer every year and it isn’t contingent upon age, gender or health. Some of the healthiest people I know have been diagnosed and several have passed from cancer. 

“I know this first-hand because my father was diagnosed with cancer in March 2018, and only seven months later passed away. He was an incredibly strong and healthy man with an amazing work ethic. He never took a sick day and would give any ‘young’ man a run for his money. 

“As a young woman with a small child, having to explain to my son why he won’t be able to see his ‘GanGan’ again was devastating. Trying to work out what our lives would look like without Dad in it broke me to my absolute core. 

“Witnessing Dad lose weight, become sick and tired every day was completely heartbreaking for both him and us. Cancer affects everyone around the person receiving treatment, not just the patient themselves. 

“Dad had so many more wonderful years left and he should be here now with us all, living his beautiful life. He should have been here to watch his grandson play his first game of football, he should have been here to witness his firstborn get married and he should have been here to enjoy what this wonderful world has to offer. 

“We now live our lives every day in honour of him and his spirit lives through all of us. 

“That is why I took on the Hair Dare for cancer research. I raised $624 and know that every single bit counts.”

ACRF would like to thank Natalie for sharing her story and for raising an incredible $624 for cancer research.

If you’ve been inspired by Natalie’s story and would like to take on the ACRF Hair dare in support of cancer research, click here.