The strength of a mother’s love: Tax time campaign 2018

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“You always knew exactly where my mum was. Before you even saw her – you heard her big, infectious laugh. It was her trademark.

Last year, I watched helplessly as cancer took her away from us. Within weeks of her liver cancer diagnosis, she was gone.

Losing her has been the single most devastating event that I have ever experienced. I couldn’t stand by and let cancer continue to affect our loved ones in such a cruel way.

Remembering my mother lost to cancer

My mum saw the good in people and gave her love freely and openly, and that has left a lasting impression upon all who knew her.

No matter who you were, my mum was always there with a heartfelt smile and her unique way of making the worries of your day disappear.

She had so much zest for life, and it makes me so proud to know that’s how she is remembered, warm and bright.

I was fortunate to have known my mum very well. I’m an only child, and throughout my 39 years, I shared a wonderful relationship with both of my parents. The three of us supported each other through everything. My parents sacrificed so much for me, especially Mum, who was undoubtedly the most selfless person you would ever meet.

As a reminder of my mother’s legacy of happiness, joy and love I had the soundwave of her trademark laugh tattooed on my inner bicep to represent strength. It is my first and only tattoo and is my way of keeping her close to my heart, and under my wing.

How Scott supported cancer research

Soon after Mum passed away, I decided to take action to help Australian researchers find better ways to prevent, detect and treat all cancers. I’m determined to do everything I can, to stop others from feeling the unbearable pain and heartache caused by cancer.

My mum loved me like no other, but she wasn’t that keen on my long beard – she said it hid my face. I decided that I would shave it off for cancer research. With the help of my friends and family we raised over $12,000.

I was blown away by the result – it showed me that, “a snowflake is frail, but if enough of them stick together, they can stop traffic”.

To honour my mum, I hope that I can help others live a long and fulfilling life. Cancer affects us all but I know that together we will outsmart it.”
– Scott, ACRF supporter

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