Record breaking brothers, Stefan and Lachlan Lamble sign on as official Australian Cancer Research Foundation ‘Lambassadors’

The brothers’ launch next adventure: The Lambros Challenge Series to raise $1 million for lifesaving cancer research. 

They were the first brothers to traverse Australia on foot in just 85 days. However, while their March Against Cancer may be finished, the Lambros are just getting started. Lachlan and Stefan Lamble are excited to announce their next adventure – The Lambros Challenge Series – as official Lambassadors for Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF). 

The Lambros have set their sights on an incredible new fundraising target, aiming to raise $1million for lifesaving cancer research. To achieve this, the duo will undertake 40 huge and somewhat crazy challenges. From running across Tasmania and running a marathon on a boat, to surviving in the Australian outback with limited resources, all whilst building awareness of the importance of cancer research. 

The decision to undertake this lifesaving challenge series stems from the deeply personal impact cancer has had on Lachlan (23 years old) and Stefan (25 years old). The brothers watched their beautiful grandma undergo treatment for thyroid cancer and sadly lost their other beloved grandma and two close family friends to cancer. 

While on their run across Australia, The Lambros were privileged to meet so many amazing people impacted by cancer. They were deeply moved by each of their personal stories, further fuelling their shared determination to take on a new adventure to raise vital funds for the deadly disease predicted to take around another 51,000 lives this year.   
The Lambros said, “Earlier this year, we were the first brothers ever to run across Australia. Not only did we conquer 3,000kms, we raised over $210k for lifesaving cancer research supporting Australian Cancer Research Foundation. You’d think we’d be done and ready to hang up our boots, and to be honest the injuries almost got us, but we are just getting started!” 

“We are excited to become official Ambassadors for ACRF and to announce our next hairbrained adventures, as well as our enormous new fundraising target of $1million. We had the absolute privilege of meeting so many amazing people on our March Against Cancer. Through hearing their stories, we knew we weren’t done. So, after some time off recovering and mending our bodies and broken bones, we are ready to launch The Lambros 2.0.” 

ACRF CEO Kerry Strydom said, “Watching Lachlan and Stefan’s profile, kilometres and fundraising tally grow every day throughout their March for Cancer was incredibly inspiring. Their dedication, drive and enthusiasm made a significant impact, with $210K raised to help provide researchers with vital technology for lifesaving cancer breakthroughs. It’s people like this that allow us drive research forward, ultimately leading to more breakthroughs” 

“ACRF is thrilled to have the brothers back onboard. We look forward to the watching their antics as they raise much-needed funds and awareness for cancer research.” 

The Lambros first challenge kicks off on Monday 8 July where they will run a marathon on Seaford Pier. To support The Lambros Challenge Series click here.