Vaccine decreases pre-cancerous symptoms in Aussie women by 93%

Researchers have reported an incredible 93% drop in genital wart diagnoses (symptoms of the human papillomavirus) in young women who have received the HPV, or cervical cancer, vaccine.

The vaccine, co-created by Professor Ian Frazer AC (whose research was supported by an early ACRF seed-funding grant), became available for Australian girls in 2007.

The study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of NSW and the University of Melbourne together with both the Sydney and Melbourne Centres of Sexual Health, looked at the medical data of 85,770 patients during pre-vaccination period (2004-2007) compared to the vaccination period (2007-2011). Continue reading “Vaccine decreases pre-cancerous symptoms in Aussie women by 93%”

Professors appointed

ACRF congratulates Geoff Lindeman and Andrew Roberts

The outstanding work and longstanding dedication of two medical researchers from the renowned Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research has recently been rewarded with professorial appointments.

“The Australian Cancer Research Foundation congratulates Geoff Lindeman’s and Andrew Roberts’s appointments as honorary professors by the University of Melbourne,” said David Brettel, ACRF’s chief executive.

“It is a great honour and serves to emphasise the high regard in which the nation’s leading cancer researchers are held,” Mr Brettell said. Continue reading “Professors appointed”

ACRF to announce 2010 grant recipients

With the final review of the shortlisted applicants for Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s (ACRF) multi-million dollar grant program, the Foundation is set to announce the 2010 grant recipients in just one week.

All grant applications received by the Foundation are reviewed by the ACRF’s Medical Research Advisory Committee (MRAC) whose members are scientists of the highest national and global repute.

This leading Australian scientific committee make recommendations to the ACRF Board of Trustees after a rigorous review process. Assessment of applications is made by independent expert assessors, as well as an inspection of sites where grants will be applied to fund laboratories and house equipment.

The ACRF will announce the 2010 grant recipients on Thursday 25 November. Continue reading “ACRF to announce 2010 grant recipients”