Professors appointed

ACRF congratulates Geoff Lindeman and Andrew Roberts

The outstanding work and longstanding dedication of two medical researchers from the renowned Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research has recently been rewarded with professorial appointments.

“The Australian Cancer Research Foundation congratulates Geoff Lindeman’s and Andrew Roberts’s appointments as honorary professors by the University of Melbourne,” said David Brettel, ACRF’s chief executive.

“It is a great honour and serves to emphasise the high regard in which the nation’s leading cancer researchers are held,” Mr Brettell said.

Professor Lindeman, a member of the ACRF’s Medical Research Advisory Committee, heads the ACRF Centre for Therapeutic Target Discovery.

This Centre, established with a $5 million ACRF grant, is the first comprehensive cancer facility in Australia. It offers an integrated approach to cancer service delivery and basic, translational and clinical research. Consortium members include the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Melbourne Health, Royal Women’s Hospital, and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research.

This year the team at the ACRF Centre for Therapeutic Target Discovery, led by Professor Lindeman and Dr Jane Visvader, made a significant contribution to understanding breast cancer. They discovered that breast stem cells, despite lacking receptors for oestrogen and progesterone, are still extra sensitive to sustained exposure to the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone.

Professor Roberts heads the Clinical Translation Centre at Walter and Eliza Hall.

The Clinical Translation Centre aims to facilitate better health outcomes by fostering better links between the laboratory and clinic.

Professor Roberts’s current projects include translational and clinical studies with a new class of drugs, the BH3 mimetics; the role of certain proteins in suppressing inappropriate JAK activation in inflammation and neoplasia; and ongoing collaboration with colleagues to define the regulation of cytokine signalling in blood cells.

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