FDC conquered the Rottnest Island Swim for Cancer Research

ACRF, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, cancer charity, cancer fundraising, Cancer Research, cancer research fundraising, Challenge, charity challenge, charity foundation, corporate giving, donate to charity, Fighting cancer, Funding research, Fundraiser, Fundraising Stories, fundraising, give to charity, Types of cancer, Rottnest Channel Swim, Rottnest Island, The Rottnest Channel SwimThank you to our corporate supporters, FDC! A team from the Western Australian construction business took on the 19km Rottnest Swim challenge late last month.

Their swimmers – Mark, Monique, Sveta and April along with support crew Ed, Jason and John were all very excited to be fundraising for a cause close to their hearts.

“A number of people in our office have recently been touched by different types of cancer. So we chose to compete in this challenge to support the Australian Cancer Research Foundation because they are committed to ending all types of cancer.

We received wonderful support from our work colleagues, friends, families and extended community. We encouraged everyone we knew to get behind our team and help us reach our target by donating their spare change or coffee money to cancer research. Together we were able to raise close to $3,000 for a charity we value so highly.

The highlights on the day were all of us working together and having a laugh, everyone was very supportive – team members and competitors alike. This made our experience very enjoyable and we have been talking about doing the race again next year.

Most of us know someone that is either fighting cancer or has been directly affected by it in one way or another. With the shocking stats out there we are proud that we could do our bit to help researchers find a cure for all cancers.” – ACRF supporter, April Moir

To support the team, visit their everyday hero page.

Photo supplied by Aussies in Action.

Cabe to lose his locks after Rottnest fundraising swim.

Cabe imageThe Rottnest Channel Swim in WA is set to end its 25th event with a very close shave.

Cabe Paparone, at just 23 years old, has decided the February 2015 swim will be the day he loses his lovely locks that he has been growing for the last three years.

Cabe had originally decided to compete in the 2012 swim. However, when Cabe’s dad Claude was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer, he withdrew to help his dad instead.

Very sadly, Claude passed away aged 52 in September this year.

“On what will almost be three years to the day that dad was diagnosed, I will be swimming the 2015 Rottnest Swim in a team with three other mates and shaving my hair once we have completed the crossing,” said Cabe.

Once Cabe and his team of three other mates complete the 19.7km swim, he will have his head shaved on the beach.

“As soon as he got sick I decided to grow it,” Cabe said. “I was only going to grow it for a year, but thought no one would donate any money so I’d better keep on growing it.”

Cabe already has several eager volunteers putting their hands up to take part in the chop. Behind the clippers will be Cabe’s sister Romy, and brothers Marco and Jack.

Cabe told us his reason for supporting cancer research is because “we would like to contribute to research that assists people living with cancer to achieve the best care and treatment available.”

We’d like to extend our deepest sympathies to Cabe and his family for their loss, but also say a very big thank you taking on two amazing challenges in the New Year.

Thank you Cabe.

For more information you can see Cabe’s fundraising page here.