$7.5 million in funding to the most promising cancer research in the country!

Funding research - current cancer researchThe Australian Cancer Research Foundation is committed to fighting cancer by funding research, tonight investing a further $7.5 million into the search for the cures.

At the cancer charity’s annual Chairman’s Dinner in Sydney, donors, fundraisers and researchers came together to celebrate the incredible research outcomes made possible through ACRF funding.

They also acknowledged the promising future of cancer research in Australia, as the ACRF made multi-million dollar grants available to three visionary research projects.

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, and Brisbane’s Diamantina Institute and Centre for Clinical Research all received a significant funding boost of $3.5 million and $2 million each, respectively. At these cancer research centres, the ACRF will be funding research into rare cancers, as well as facilitating world-class, targeted detection and treatment programmes.

Advances in Queensland Cancer Research thanks to ACRF

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) continues to build on its 25-year legacy by funding the opening of a new $2.5 million world leading cancer-imaging facility in Queensland.

Since being established in 1984 by the late Sir Peter Abeles, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation has now funded more than $62 million in cutting edge cancer research with the power to change the world.

The new ‘ACRF Cancer Biology Imaging Facility’, part of The Institute for Molecular Bioscience located at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, is now the most advanced facility of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley AO officially opened it on the morning of February 10.

The Facility will allow IMB researchers to unravel the molecular reasons why healthy cells turn into cancerous cells and spread through the body. Continue reading “Advances in Queensland Cancer Research thanks to ACRF”