Jocelyn and Ella team up to chop for cancer research

“My name is Jocelyn, I’m a full-time working Mum with a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children. Ella is my eldest at 9, and she is the driving force behind the big chop. It’s been tough the last few months finally getting to the length we need to donate our hair.

Jocelyn and Ella show their hair growth to donate to cancer research
Jocelyn and Ella saw first hand the impact cancer has on Australians, and are taking action

Unfortunately, cancer has touched our lives too closely and too often. I lost my sister when she was only 38 and my father was diagnosed just after she was. My father in law has also fought cancer three times. Thankfully both my Dad and father in law are still with us, although my Dad will need another stem cell transplant, we are just not sure when.

It’s pretty confronting to watch loved ones suffer with this horrible disease. My sister tried to keep her hair as long as possible, but eventually, she had to shave it off. An authentic, high-quality wig made all the difference to her self-confidence at a time when her body was failing her.

For a while, my kids thought they would lose their hair if they had a sore throat because it seemed that everyone close to them lost their hair when they were sick. Although we could see the humour in the situation at the time, we knew it was a lot for our little people to experience and process.

I’ve donated my hair before, and it is good hair for wigs. Ella has been asking for a haircut for a while now and when I told her about donating it, she was excited to do it and is not afraid of cutting it really short.

I am certain every person I know has been touched by the devastating impact of cancer in some way. I know that we can make a difference if we all jump in and make it happen.

Ella and her grandfather

Ella is so proud to be contributing and she understands that doctors receive grants that help them research new treatments that could help keep loved ones around a lot longer. I researched ACRF when we were looking for a beneficiary for the money that was raised after my sister’s funeral. It was an easy choice as they have that goal in sight also.”

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