Why I Support ACRF: Andrew

“Hi, my name is Andrew Czarnecki and I co-own a Bus, Touring and Charter Business in the South East suburbs of Melbourne. My business partner and I have operated the company for 25 years.  

“A number of years ago, I was looking for a worthy charity to donate money to. The tax benefit was appealing. I believe firmly that scientists, doctors and researchers use dollars more effectively than any government and that the rewards of their labour benefit society far more.

“I looked at a number of charities and ACRF stood out in the crowd due to the way they engage with their donors. I have supported them ever since.

“I am thankful I have never been diagnosed with any cancer nor have my family members. However, a close friend of mine lost his young brother to Pancreatic cancer and seeing how devastating this disease can be really upset me. 

“I also support ACRF due to the fact that Australia has the world’s highest recorded cases of skin cancer, especially amongst the younger of our community. I want to see if we can create real change through research.

“If you have any spare dollars, I’m sure your donation would be gratefully appreciated by ACRF no matter how big or small. It would give you a great sense of pride and wellbeing, knowing your contribution may help save somebody’s life or will help someone in need.”

If you would like to financially support the work of ACRF go to https://www.acrf.com.au/donate/