May 2013 Monthly News

In the May 2013 edition:

  • Skin cancer drug targets ‘growth’ gene with potential to treat other disease.
  • Your chance to run the International Marathon that’s closest to home: the Auckland Marathon.
  • We celebrate workplace giving month in June.
  • #ThisIsWhyWeFight social movement launch!

Workplace Giving Month

June is Workplace Giving Month – a time for working Australians to help make a big difference to cancer research.

Workplace giving is as simple as making a regular pre-tax donation from your pay which provides an immediate tax benefit. It also provides a focal point for employers to incorporate giving in the workplace: helping to achieve positive employee engagement, organisational culture and community impact goals.

If just 10% of working Australians made a regular employee donation of $5 each week, their contributions would amount to $260 million for the charitable sector each year. However, only 1% of Australian employees currently donate to charity through Workplace Giving, which is much lower than other developed economies.

That’s why, this Workplace Giving Month, we’d like to encourage you to either sign-up as a new ACRF workplace giver, or to increase your existing engagement with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. Continue reading “Workplace Giving Month”