Help Deliver Hope to Families this Festive Season by Backing Brilliant Research

Channelling the festive spirit, you can help give the most precious gift of all this year by supporting Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s (ACRF) vision of a world without cancer. In donating to ACRF, you’re backing brilliant cancer research initiatives and helping to give world-class scientists the tools essential to finding new ways to prevent, detect and treat all types of cancer.

Some of the outstanding projects funded by the Foundation in recent years include the ACRF Child Cancer Precision Medicine Centre -which is now the headquarters of the ZERO Childhood Cancer program –and the world-leading ACRF Child Cancer Liquid Biopsy Program.

It’s these kind of pioneering research efforts –which are only possible thanks to ACRF’s supporters -that help to provide fresh hope to each and every one impacted by cancer. Take for example little Frankie Wigg, a bonafide girly-girl who was diagnosed with Leukemia at just four years old –a kindergartener during the middle of the pandemic in May 2020. Mum Elyse describes Frankie’s first few -months of treatment as a “nightmare”.

COVID-19 rules allowed only one hospital visitor at a time, so dad Josh would stay overnight with Frankie while Elyse routinely drove an hour to and from the clinic while looking after their youngest daughter, newborn Juno. At first, Frankie was understandably “terrified” as she underwent chemotherapy and would cling to her parents, who were going through hell themselves.

What made the experience a little easier was knowing Frankie was receiving the very best medical care and her cancer type had a 90% survival rate.“ Frankie’s diagnosis was devastating, but at least it came with proven treatment options and hope. I want every single person diagnosed with cancer to have that too,” Elyse said. To make Frankie feel less alone, her entire family shaved their heads in a beautiful campaign that raised money for ACRF.

Now, two-and-a-half years on from her diagnosis, Frankie is back at home and finished her maintenance treatment at the end of September. With her curly hair growing back, she is preparing for a fun-filled Christmas of camping near the beach and dreams of being a doctor, nurse, paramedic or vet when she’s older.

While Frankie still has to attend regular check-ups –to which she often wears red glitter high heels –Elyse hopes her resilient daughter can now enjoy being a ‘normal’ kid, riding the fluoro green bike she received for her birthday “without a care in the world”.

“Cancer is about statistics and research, but it’s also about somebody’s daughter or son who is sick and scared,” Elyse said.“ No one should have to go through what my little girl went through. “By supporting ACRF with a gift today you can make sure there will always be hope for my Frankie –and every other person living with this horrible disease.”

Give a gift today at https://www.acrf.com.au/donate/christmas-appeal-2022/ and 100% of your donation before December 31 will go towards ground-breaking research in pursuit of a vision we all share –a world without cancer.