The Golden Divot

“The Golden Divot Golf Fundraiser has been run and won for another year. Our golf tournament started 19 years ago, by a couple of mates, as an excuse to get together after leaving school. Year after year the tournament grew, due to the friendly, but competitive, nature of the day.

At the tournament’s peak, we had close to 50 starters, both men and women, who were trying to win what we call the World’s Fifth Golfing Major. The Tournament expanded quickly, so we decided the proceeds should start going to charity. This led us to our mission: ‘Provide a memorable local golf event, with a charitable outcome, that punches well above its weight!’

This year we put together the Tournament shortly after the passing of two people that have contributed to our history for many years. Put together a list of former players, (our nearest and dearest), who have passed due to cancer in recent years, and our choice to donate to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation was an obvious choice.

We were able to scramble together a field of 39 players this year, and with a number of clubhouse fundraisers, and a presentation (including The Green Jacket Ceremony), managed to raise $2107.90. The generosity of our local sponsors was matched by the players who helped reach the above-mentioned outcome. 

2020 marks the 20th Annual Golden Divot Tournament. The organising has already begun. We want to exceed all previous records in numbers, and amounts raised for charity.

We thank you all for the great work the ACRF do in helping fight this awful disease.”

Interested in making a difference in the lives of those around you? Learn more about fundraising for Australian Cancer Research Foundation.