Chris to run 12 marathons in 12 days for ACRF

Chris Glacken’s dedication to supporting ACRF is inspiring. He is an incredibly selfless individual and is committed to raising $100,000 for cancer research. We could not be more appreciative. His most recent event, the Alanis 12, will see him run 12 marathons in 12 days.

“Both my parents have lost their battle with cancer within the last two years. They were both the same age, diagnosed with the same stage of cancer. Mum passed away only a few months ago in May this year.

I made a promise to my father a few days before his passing that I would continue the battle against cancer. Many other friends, including my sister and brother in law, have also been touched by cancer this year.­­

It was cruel to witness something so heartbreaking and feel so helpless.

I was inspired to create the Alanis 12 as the first Australian event that will challenge anyone who would like to have a crack at completing all 12 marathons. I named the event after my guardian angel, Alanis Morissette, whose music I listen to every time I run.

When I stand at the starting line of my events and brief the participants, it always amazes me to see how many put their hand up when asked if they have been affected by cancer in some way. I believe that if you give people a purpose, they will help – and those who run with me prove this.

It’s tough running so far and so often but nothing compared to what others are suffering through cancer.­

We are running for those who can’t.”


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