Solo kayak across Bass Strait is cancer fundraising at its bravest!

Journey Map

Adelaide’s Malcolm Blewett has embarked on an incredible cancer fundraising adventure. For the next 1-2 weeks, he will be at the mercy of wind and sea as he navigates 350 kilometres of treacherous Bass Strait waters in a one-man kayak.

“The aim of this trip is more than just personal achievement.” Mal told us.

“I have a good family friend who is a sea kayaking senior instructor and who is my mentor in this sport. His wife and family have endured great suffering for many years with him being in and out of remission from oesophageal cancer, and unfortunately his life span is now very limited.”

“Supporting those that are researching into a cure for cancer is my way of saying thanks to my good friend.”

Malcolm works for Lion, who are dedicated corporate and workplace giving supporters of ACRF and have contributed in excess of $200,000 toward cancer research.

“This trip is to be used as a fundraising drive for my nominated charity the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, which is associated with our Lion Pride,” Mal said.

“Many of us [at Lion] have had dealings with someone: family, friends, or loved ones, who have had or are presently suffering from cancer. Some of our own fellow work mates have had to deal personally with cancer. Most of us that have spent time in the sun as kids getting red as a Lobster will possibly experience the threat of cancer; and I already have had a scare.”

Mal will be carrying a SPOT GPS location reporting unit to leave a “bread-crumb” trail of his whereabouts every 10 minutes, but will otherwise be unsupported by an accompanying vessel. You can track his progress here.

All of us at the ACRF wish Mal all the best on his brave journey and we are immensely grateful for his commitment to cancer research. Oesophageal cancer is a terrible disease, which affects almost three times as many men in Australia as women*, and which the ACRF is dedicated to beating by funding world-class cancer research.

Thank you for undertaking this incredible cancer fundraising event in support of our work.

* Statistic taken from the Cancer Institute NSW website.