Saigon Boys Turn Up the Music for ACRF

I’m Duc, the band leader and manager of the Saigon Boys Band, a Vietnamese pop group established in 2015. We perform mostly at local clubs in south-western Sydney during the weekends.

I have family members and friends who’ve passed away from cancer and the other band members all know of someone who has been affected by cancer.  Because of this, we believe the most important thing is to find a medication or vaccine that will ensure a cancer-free future for everyone.  We wanted to help raise money for more cancer research, and we felt the best way for us to do this was putting on a concert.

As a group that’s been performing for a few years, hosting a charity event wasn’t too difficult for us to organise.  We decided on a date in September, the location, and then posted details of the performance on Facebook.  We set up in Freedom Plaza – choosing an outdoor pedestrian mall in Cabramatta’s CBD so weekend shoppers could take a break, sit and listen to our music, enjoy the good weather and learn about ACRF.  Our stage was decorated with ACRF balloons and we had volunteers placed with donation boxes.  There was a great turnout of people on the day, and we were very happy that so many in the community made contributions. The event was a great success.

I would encourage others to fundraise.  Supporting ACRF and their cancer research work is the best way to stop more people dying every day of cancer.


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