Knitting for a Cause

“We are five cousins aged 10 to 13. Our names are Lauren, Dash, Lucy, Mia and Sarah. We live in and around Brisbane. In 2019, we lost our Aunty to Colon cancer. In the same month, our Mum / Aunty was diagnosed with Breast cancer. 

We wanted to do something to help. It is such It is such a helpless feeling to be with a loved one diagnosed with cancer, or dying of it. We just wanted to help somehow. 

When her Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, Sarah started to secretly knit a beanie, as she would soon go through chemotherapy and lose her hair. All five cousins agreed we wanted to be able to help people with cancer somehow. Sarah taught us all to finger knit and we began making lots of beanies and scarves and pom-poms. 

Then we began planning a stall in the park in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, to sell them and raise money for cancer research.

We set out to fundraise money at our stall, but something else happened too, something we didn’t realise would happen. People were so generous all day, some even coming back twice!

People wanted to hang out, people wanted to talk and share stories. People like us who wanted to help somehow were coming together. Our stall had enabled this, which was as likely more valuable than the money fundraised at the end of the day. 

After the event, all of us were so excited because at the start our tables were overflowing with beanies and scarves – so many there were some in boxes. 

But the end, people had stopped and bought so much, we couldn’t wait to see how much money was raised. Every single beanie was sold! About 100 scarves were sold! When we packed up and counted the money we had raised through the stall we counted $1285!! We were so happy and so overwhelmed. We never thought we would raise that much through our stall. 

We had cookies, brownies, caramel slice and gluten-free cake, these were all freshly baked by family and friends who wanted to support. We had knitted scarves and beanies with the help of aunties and grandparents. We also made pom poms, snake bookmarks, little animals and little bags. We had brought lots of wool so that people could learn how to finger knit and make beanies in the park too.

We chose ACRF after looking into quite a few cancer foundations and felt that it was the best to give our money to because it appeared to be focused on cancer research and driven to help people and raise. 

We wanted to support cancer research because we had just lost our Aunty to cancer. Over the six years she lived with the disease we learnt so much about cancer, cancer treatments and how much treatments were advancing with medical research. 

Cancer treatment has come along way and we want to support research continuing and helping. 

It is hard to describe, but the day of our fundraising event was mega special. We’ll remember it forever. If you’d like to support us, you can do so by following us on Instagram – @knittingforacause.”

ACRF would like to thank the incredible Lauren, Dash, Lucy, Mia and Sarah for their creativity, support, and for sharing their story. You are truly helping to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by cancer.