Isabella’s Crazy Hair Day for Cancer Research

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An outstanding young student from Victoria wanted to honour her late grandfather by raising money for cancer research. Isabella is in year six and decided that the best way to make a big impact was to get her whole school involved – so she approached the vice principal about organising a crazy hair day.

“Isabella came to see me at the start of the term to share her enthusiasm for wanting to make a difference to the lives of people living with cancer. Her passion for this cause was obvious and she had really done her research,” said Vice Principal Stuart Boyle.

“As adults, we are all educators and it’s often how we respond to young people that teaches them the most. I’m truly impressed by Isabella wanting to take on the responsibility of organising a whole school fundraiser.”

Isabella was so proud to be able to do her part to end an illness that had affected her family in such a horrible way. She spent the term organising every detail of the event herself.

She put signs up around the school to promote the event, made sure it was advertised in the weekly school newsletter and spoke at her assembly about the ACRF and why she felt it was important to support cancer research.

She wanted all the students to come to school with their hair teased, coloured and gelled into fun and unique hair styles – and the crazier, the better, because she had even prepared prizes for the ‘best hair’ winners to be drawn at an assembly on the day.

Everyone was invited to participate and students brought along a gold coin donation to show their support for cancer research.

Together Isabella and her primary school were able to raise a fantastic total of $471.10. We thank Isabella for all the hard work she put into supporting the ACRF.

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