In Honor of Ron

Naomi Scott-Lumb was devastated when she heard that her friend Ron had been diagnosed with cancer

“Ron was one of the most genuine, funny, loving and kind-hearted people I’ve known,” Naomi says. “He was a natural-born protector as he demonstrated through his work in crowd control and with the SES, pulling on the orange suit to help those in need.” 

In June 2020, Ron was experiencing stomach aches and after some investigation, was diagnosed with cancer. He started treatment but this was unsuccessful and heartbreakingly, after just a few short months, Ron passed away. 

“The cancer took Ron from this world and from all of those that knew and loved him” Naomi says. “There is so much more that needs to be done in the world of cancer research and treatments. It breaks my heart that I couldn’t take away Ron’s pain, but one thing I could do was shave my head and raise much-needed funds, in the hope that it will help ease someone else’s pain and lead to more cures in the future.” 

Naomi reached out to her friends, family and colleagues and has raised an incredible $5,154 for cancer research, before shaving her head. 

A huge thank you to Naomi and all her supporters. As Naomi says of Ron “the world lost one of the greats.”