Geelong Region Cancerians support life-saving cancer research

Pictured (left to right) Tim Birchall (Treasurer), Michelle Challis (Vice-Chair and Secretary), Helene Bender (Chair), Phillipa Challis (Founder), Andy Pobjoy (committee member and event sponsor).

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Geelong Region Cancerians, a community group dedicated to helping in our mission to outsmart cancer.

The Geelong Region Cancerians have donated an incredible $25,000 towards life-saving cancer research through a year of hard work and dedication in 2019. Much of this funding has been taken from their inaugural Art Show event.

The group was founded by Phillipa Challis OAM and established by Helene Bender OAM (Chair) in April 2018. Since then their dedication to raising funds and awareness in support of world-class research has been outstanding.

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