Beads and bracelets raise funds for research

My name is Tiana and I attend St Therese Mascot in Sydney. I’m ten years old and have two older brothers and a younger sister. Making bracelets started as a hobby for me. I was watching Mum make a new bracelet for my sister after it snapped, and I wanted to try making one too.

I like creating bracelets so much that Mum suggested selling them to earn some pocket money, but I decided instead to donate the money to help find a cure for cancer. I didn’t really understand how bad cancer is until my beloved auntie passed away last year, just before Christmas. Auntie Chrissie had cancer for three years, and we were all heartbroken when she died. That’s when I decided to fundraise. I want to help stop cancer in its tracks so others don’t experience the same hurt like my family.

Mum suggested donating money from bracelet sales to ACRF because it supports research that will help find a cure for cancer. People have responded positively and in a very supportive way. They love the variety of styles and colours of my bracelets, and I can custom make them when asked. The bracelets are selling so well locally and on-line that Mum is now helping me make them. It’s exciting to be almost half-way towards achieving my goal of raising $1500.

I believe it is important that others don’t have to feel as sad as our family experienced. Once we get a cure for cancer it will hopefully put an end forever to the suffering.


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