2009 Charity Challenge Vietnam story

Olwen Bradford–Cowling writes about her motivations for joining the “2009 – Vietnam by Bike” fundraising trip and for supporting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation:

Back in Sept 2007, I joined a group of 19 individuals, just like myself, and took off on an adventure of a lifetime walking the Great Wall of China. Not only did I get to fulfil my passion for walking, and my dream to walk “The Great Wall”, but I also managed to raise $12,000 for ACRF.

What inspired me to undertake such a trip, and to choose ACRF as my charity, was my mother, who died herself of cancer in 2005. Having lived a reasonably long, and very fulfilling life, dedicating most of her years to helping the mentally ill, she passed away peacefully at home in 2005 having battled with Cancer for many years.

Even though my mother over the years was diagnosed with various forms of cancer, she never gave up, she always soldiered on, not only in her career but also in nursing my father to the end who had MS. She was an extraordinarily strong woman, and our family were so proud when back in 1991 she was awarded an MBE in recognition for her services and for the years she dedicated to the mentally ill.

There isn’t going to be a cure for cancer tomorrow, there is still a long way to go in the research field, so while I am still fit enough to undertake such challenges I will continue to support ACRF, and that’s why I have signed up next year for the 2009 Vietnam by Bike. I have always been fascinated with Vietnam, the war, the people, the places I have read about, so when I heard there was a bike ride through Vietnam, and raising funds for ACRF, I knew I had to be on it.

I am so pumped at the prospect of the trip, my enthusiasm even rubbed off on a couple of friends whom have also decided to undertake the challenge. I couldn’t think of a better way to soak up the beauty and history of Vietnam, and to raise funds for ACRF, bring it on!