2007 Great Wall of China trek

China DollsChina Dolls take the challenge

A team of eleven Sydneysiders from Allco Finance Group weren’t toying about when they took on the Great Wall of China challenge to raise funds for ACRF.

Calling themselves the ‘China Dolls’ the group had already raised record funds for the Foundation in the lead up to the Challenge, through a variety of fundraising events, including a highly successful trivia night, hosted by Malleson’s.

The China Dolls were joined by eight more trekkers from Sydney, Melbourne, Coffs Harbour, Perth and Hong Kong for six days of trekking together over diverse terrain and taking in unique scenery with many unforgettable highlights.

On the first day the group discovered the incredibly steep Juyongguan Pass Wall with spectacular views from every vantage point. Then a trek through the Black Dragon Pool Park took the trekkers past fabulous gorges, ravines and waterfalls. Other highlights included the most beautiful section of the wall between China and Mongolia and a dawn start to see the sun rise on Simatai, The Wall’s highest point.

Each day’s trekking ended with a long, fabulous late lunch, and evenings were spent relaxing at hotels, enjoying leisurely dinners, and chatting with other trekkers, before collapsing into bed.

With the challenge accomplished, the group spent a couple of days in exciting Olympic city, Beijing, visited Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, took a rickshaw ride and shared tea with a local resident. They all returned home fit and invigorated by their cultural experience, and, said China Doll Clare Salke, “keen to start raising more money for ACRF and participate in the next adventure!”

Thank you Allco and all our trekkers for celebrating life and raising over $155,000 for cancer research. Together you have made this one of the most successful charity treks ever.

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