Updating a Will during COVID-19 social distancing

Caldwell Martin Cox (CMC) Solicitors are very proud to have assisted the ACRF in establishing their Wills Days program when the idea was first conceived in 2016. Now in these difficult times, they shared with us information about the importance of writing or updating a Will.

“We were extremely pleased to be a part of this important program that ensures a professional and personal Will service is provided to clients to best suit their particular circumstances, whilst also raising funds for the ACRF.

During these difficult times caused by the pandemic, CMC has been very flexible to accommodate our clients who have been concerned for their health. This has included sanitising all surfaces before and after appointments, staggering appointments to minimise multiple people entering our buildings at the same time, physically distancing our chairs in our waiting rooms and also allowing for initial appointments to be conducted by telephone or by web conference.

Ultimately we don’t want to see anyone put off the all-important task of creating a Will. It is a vital document that should not be overlooked.

I am happy to personally chat with anyone who has questions about creating a Will at this time.”

Lance Watson, Partner at Caldwell Martin Cox, helped ACRF launch our Wills Day in 2016.

Lee Christian and and Lance Watson at the ACRF Chairman’s Dinner