Award winning communication toolkit donates 38% of proceeds to ACRF

If a friend receives a cancer diagnosis, what would you say and do? The Silk Rags Project is a funny and reflective DIY role-play experience about a group of friends and a cancer diagnosis. By reading character parts, you can step in the shoes of patients and their friends, resulting in an entertaining and educational approach.

Created during their own cancer treatments, Dee Handyside and Briohne Sykes teamed up with Griffith University to trial and produce an educational toolkit that compliments the reading and listening experience, enabling empathy rather than sympathy.

The project covers repeated phrases or gestures that although are well meaning, can seem inappropriate at the time.  References to ‘thinking positive’, recipes to boil lemons, gifts of healing crystals and being lectured about lifestyle are included to both shock and humour participants.

This innovative conversational starter about cancer is available as individual and group kits and is being extended to Theatre Productions and Cancer Patient Support programs. Participants receive a script, soundtrack, instructions, personal self-analysis form and a helpful handout to say and do great things to help a friend with a cancer diagnosis.