When at Hadrian's Wall, do as the Romans did…

Ex-Victorian Policeman, Craig Harwood, made the decision several months ago to take on one of the most unique charity challenges we’ve ever seen.

Along with his wife, father-in-law, two children and some tour guides, Craig embarked on a 135km walk along Hadrian’s Wall in the UK in a complete replica of Roman armour – weighing in at 35kg!

Craig has a keen interest in Roman Military History and, although he doesn’t dress up in this attire usually, he thought it would be a great challenge and a unique way to fundraise for three charities very close to his heart, one of them being the ACRF.

Craig told us, “Cancer has touched my family members and we have lost several. I also lost three employees to it recently and a good friend of ours, Michelle is currently fighting it!”

“I want to support an organisation that’s doing “battle” with it at its source. I want to try making a difference in my life’s journey.”

Starting on June 23, Craig and his family marched through very wet and slippery conditions across the English countryside.

Throughout the seven day trek there were a few falls and a couple of injuries – including Craig’s feet becoming badly blistered due to the Roman armour shoes he was wearing. But everyone soldiered on knowing they had many family and friends back home cheering them towards the finish line.

“Thanks to all our friends for the support and encouragement, it was a great adventure and if the truth be known, pretty arduous, particularly for me across the middle mountainous section!” said Craig.

In the end, Craig and his family were able to raise over $5,500 for world-class cancer research in Australia. Huge congratulations and thank you to Craig and his family for going above and beyond for cancer research!

Please scroll through the photo gallery below to see images of Craig and his family completing the walk:

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