The importance of bequests in funding world-class cancer research

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) would like to take the opportunity to comment on recent stories in a number of news publications regarding Gifts in Wills.

The ACRF has long been a recipient of generous bequests from Australian individuals, some of which have entirely funded grants to world-class research centres. For example:

  • $2.4 million awarded to the Western Australian Institute of Medical Research, for the development of a world-class cancer imaging facility. Click here for more on this grant.
  • $3.1 million awarded to the Children’s Cancer Research Institute Australia, to create a comprehensive Drug Discovery Centre for Childhood Cancers. Read more about the CCIA grant here.

Without generous bequests such as these, progress in Australian cancer research would be significantly hindered. A bequest is an incredible legacy that many Australians like to leave behind. Any individual who pledges a bequest to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation is very important to us and, if they so wish, we keep in regular contact with them.

We respect the wishes of any Bequestor who prefers to remain anonymous or who does not wish to be contacted by our organisation. For those who are happy to speak to us however, we are always pleased to share with them information about the fantastic research we fund and, most importantly, any breakthroughs from that research.

We believe great research results come about when Australian scientists are able to work in the very best conditions – using sophisticated technologies and facilities. This is where the ACRF uses every donation dollar that it receives; to fund a vital area of research that is not always met by Governments and which speeds up the discovery process for cancer patients.

If you have any questions resulting from recent news reports about bequests, we do hope you will give us a call: 1300 884 988.