Romina’s dance fundraise for cancer research

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ACRF supporter, Romina Di Sauro is using her passion for dance to raise funds for cancer research.

“I have many years of experience in performing and teaching. I love teaching dance because I am able to express myself and share my knowledge. I’ve been running Romina’s Dance, where we teach all ages from 2-Adults, for 25 years.

To celebrate our anniversary, we’re putting on our very own junior production of Disney’s High School Musical, starring Lukas Wildrok from Justice Crew.

It will be a fantastic show – we’ve got an amazing cast of young talent. We held auditions and more than 100 kids turned up, but only 26 could be selected.

This production was my way of giving our students an opportunity to perform whilst supporting vital cancer research.

All proceeds raised from the show will be donated to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. Cancer is a health issue close to my heart after I lost my sister cancer last year.

My sister, Daniela (pictured) was only 37 years of age when she was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. She only managed to live for 4 months after her diagnosis and left behind two young children.

danielaIt’s been extremely hard on our family. We lost her so quickly, at such a young age – it’s devastated all of us.

Whilst organising this production fundraiser, I have felt like my sister is close to me and it has helped to ease the pain a little.

There was nothing that could be done for my sister, but I hope that by supporting cancer research, I can help researchers find better methods of detection, prevention, and treatment that will help others in the future.

The High School Musical JR Production is being held at the National Theatre in Melbourne on 24 July 2016 at 2pm.” – ACRF Supporter, Romina Di Sauro