Pure Grind cafe opening – Monday, August 17th 2009

New Sydney CDB café “Pure Grind’’ opens its doors this Monday (August 17) with proceeds from the opening day to go to aid the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Owner Jonathan Tua said he decided on the donation to honour his cousin Liz, who passed away from cancer several years ago.

“She was a wonderful person to whom I was very close and I would not be in this country without her trail blazing ways as an example.

“I am from New Zealand but my family all hail from Samoa.

Liz was a real livewire and went against the grain and was brave enough to leave the comforts of her surrounds in our small town. I know the first hand about the ill-effects of cancer and I would like to help in the fight against it.’’

Jonathan said he had searched the internet seeking information about cancer aid groups before deciding on supporting our Foundation.

“What I like about you guys is that you sponsor ground-breaking research.

You are actively involved with the search for a cure.” he said.

The ACRF sponsors cutting edge stuff so it was a real no brainer for me that the organization would receive funds from us.

Jonathan said “Pure Grind’’ would cater for a health conscious female clientele.

“We pride ourselves on our healthy range of foods,’’ he said.

“Our lunches are served in small portions as we do not see any point over indulging people with huge serves.’’

“Pure Grind’’ is located at 225 Clarence Street near York Street in the heart of Sydney.

Staff of the ACRF plan to head down on Monday to Jonathan’s new venture for a snack.

If you’re in Sydney, please support him.


Pure Grind Cafe

225 Clarence St

Sydney CBD

17/08/09 6:30pm