Couple take on tandem 1000km bike challenge for cancer research!

ACRF supporters Matt and An both know first-hand what it’s like when someone they love is diagnosed with cancer.

With Matt’s sister-in-law and An’s father both having received this devastating news, they decided they wanted to do something positive to support cancer research, and help their loved ones through this journey.

On 30 June, Matt and An set off from Perth on their “Tandem Tour for Cancer Cure”, riding a tandem push bike up north to the beautiful coastal town of Geraldton and back.

“To show our support to [our loved ones], in order to lift their spirits and perhaps, in the long run, save their lives or lives of other people, we thought it was a good idea start a fundraising project,” An told us.

“We wanted to do something fun, funky and a little bit crazy so we decided on a 1000km push bike ride on a tandem!”

Their goal was to raise $2000 for cancer research, which meant $1 for every kilometre each of them rode. The couple smashed this target before they even started their ride – raising their goal to $3,000 as they set off from Perth.

“The fundraising was great, everybody was so amazingly generous that we were able to raise our goal! Everybody was also very supportive, offering help in case we needed it,” said An.

Although both Matt and An are very fit, riding tandem did come with its challenges.

An said, “It was a real adventure which sometimes was a bit challenging, being so close together 24/7 and we also had to deal with some mechanical drama’s on the bike. But all in all, apart from the sore muscles and behinds, we thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely do it again!”

An and Matt returned home from their journey on 13 July having raised over $2,400 for cancer research. We are so grateful for their support and help in bringing cancer research dreams ever closer.

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