Massive Exercise Project Right Round Australia for Cancer Research

balmain_fitness_logoNick Deverell of Balmain Fitness is determined to help find a cure for cancer and they’re not doing it by halves.

The staff and customers at the inner city health club ‘Balmain Fitness’, have teamed up with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation for a massive fitness fundraiser that will run throughout all of 2010.

Recently, Nick Deverell, the 33 year old health trainer said “Almost all of our staff here have had their own battles with cancer or have family members who are affected by cancer.”

“We even had one staff member who was forced to stop working about a month ago because he had cancer. So it is personal for all of us here. Getting behind the Australian Cancer Research Foundation seems very fitting.”

Deverell was drawn to the work of ACRF through a combination of “word of mouth” and “online research”.

“Our ‘Exercise Around Australia for Cancer Research‘ event runs for 12 months with each month featuring a stand-alone leg so we can still encourage new members who join throughout the year to take part.”

How the challenge works: Every time one of the members does a workout, they earn kilometres towards the destination for that month’s leg. “The basic idea is that our members keep track of their workouts, each of which translates into a distance and we chart their progress with winners at the end of each leg plus random prizes along the way,” he said.

“Leg One will be Sydney to Bundaberg, Leg Two Cairns to Alice Springs etc. etc.”

“Each person taking part will be given a fund-raising form and we will have prizes for most money raised for each leg and a grand prize for most funds raised over the year,” said Deverell.Balmain Fitness for Cancer Research_group

“Local businesses have got on board with prizes/sponsorship and local media have been helping to promoting our efforts.”

Deverall said “We have about 100 people taking part in our event so far but I would like to think by year’s end we have 10 times more people.”

“Our efforts are building in momentum and we are encouraging people to come and get fit and join our community event to help fund cancer research.”

“We will let people know of our progress throughout the year.’’

The Foundation thanks Balmain Fitness and all those participating in this awesome ‘Exercise Around Australia’ fundraiser for their support of our research. We wish everyone all the very best for their fitness challenge.

To find out more or to support the fundraiser contact Nick at Balmain Fitness on 02 9818 3555 or visit the ‘Exercise Around Australia for Cancer Research ‘ fundraising page.