Ambre Hammond’s dedication to ending all cancers

Ambre Hammond supports cancer researchKnown as “The People’s Pianist” and one of Australia’s most passionate and hard-working musicians, Ambre Hammond has performed both solo and with orchestras throughout Switzerland, England, Italy, Spain, Poland, North and South America, New Zealand and China.

And we are so grateful that Ambre so graciously gives her time to perform at special ACRF events too. She has also donated funds to cancer research from the sale of her CD’s.

Ambre’s fifth album Akasha will be released in two weeks. She says the new album consists of 12 compositions, the style of which stems from her background in classical, but is also influenced by her great love of jazz. This album is a journey of beauty that is intended to uplift and inspire.

We spoke to Ambre about what inspired her to support cancer research.

“I’m a proud Aussie, a concert pianist, composer, full-time single mother, producer and public speaker.

My composition career began in 2011 when after the loss of a friend to cancer, which happened very suddenly. The only way I could deal with the grief was to write music. I felt some sense of peace in honouring them with a piece of beautiful music that would ensure her memory remained.

Ambre Hammond supports cancer researchIt is important to support cancer research because all of us are susceptible to being struck unexpectedly with cancer. It should be everyone’s duty and interest to help find better treatments and ultimately permanent eradication of all cancers.

I support ACRF because their work is truly extraordinary. They are an Australian charity that seeks to support researchers working to end all cancers. The $120 million+ in grants already made to research facilities has made a significant difference and will continue to do so.

I’d encourage everyone to support cancer research. You feel such a sense of joy in knowing your contribution can be so significant. Even if it means buying one less coffee a week!

I will continue to support ACRF through my music for as long as I can, and I’m excited to hear of new scientific breakthroughs and development.”

Thank you Ambre, we are so grateful for your support. If you would like to find out more information about Ambre’s new album, click here.