ACRF Research Update: September

At this webinar, you will hear from three Children’s Cancer Institute scientists who, thanks to your support, are working hard to find better ways to detect and treat Children’s Cancers. These scientists are:

Associate Professor Paul Ekert, Translational Tumour Biology Group Leader of the Children’s Cancer Institute, who is developing a new research program to apply some of the novel findings of Zero Childhood Cancer to better understand the biology of tumours and how gene changes cause cancer.

Dr Fatima Valdes Mora, Team Leader, Cancer Epigenetic Biology and Therapeutics, Children’s Cancer Institute. Dr Valdes Mora’s team aim to understand the molecular mechanisms that cancer cells hijack to become malignant, and then apply this knowledge to the design of novel epigenetic-based therapies.

Dr Emmy Fleuren, a senior scientist working within the Translational Tumour Biology group at Children’s Cancer Institute, Dr Fleuren leads the research on identifying novel therapeutic targets in sarcoma – a very diverse group of cancers that affect the connective/supportive tissues of the body, including bones, muscles and fat.

To attend our next research update webinar, please email zoom@acrf.com.au.