Webinar: Research update, June 2020

This webinar featured presentations by lead researchers working on some of Australia’s most promising cancer research projects.

Dr Eleanor Campbell discusses her work with the ACRF Detector at the Australian Synchrotron as a beamline scientist. Her research interests are predominantly based around molecular evolution; how and why proteins evolve in the ways that they do, both in nature and in laboratory experiments.

Ms Moana Simpson presents how the ACRF Centre for Compound Management and Logistics at Compounds Australia is providing cancer researchers with access to infrastructure and expertise around the biological characterisation of chemical compounds critical throughout the drug discovery pipeline.

We hope you’ll find these webinars engaging and help you understand where your donations go.

Long-time ACRF supporter Anne Smith says “I found the webinar very informative and interesting. It makes me feel my contributions to ACRF are really doing some good! The technology was brilliant. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it. A great way to celebrate ACRF’s recent 36th birthday!”

Each of the researchers answered questions submitted by attendees during the webinar. If you’d like to join us at our next webinar, please email zoom@acrf.com.au